Those Tender Roses – A poem

The Word of the Day was Tenderness and I remembered this poem that I wrote a couple of years ago and thought I would share it again.

I remember the roses,
You lovingly tended.
You nurtured them tenderly,
until winter was ended.

You pruned them, protected them,
From all harm intended.
Those prize winning blooms
They were highly commended.

Your presence has gone now,
Your spirit has departed.
Your roses, now long dead,
Like you’d never started.

But I’m here and I wonder,
I never comprehended
Would I have blossomed better?
If your care you’d extended.

Did you love me at all?
No, I think you pretended.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 08/04/2018

This was written in response to a challenge from my friend Peter Dalby. Peter, having read my previous post, Tender Rose of Youth – Short story in 60 words, asked me If I could turn it into a poem. This is my attempt.

Wilfull Neglect – A Poem of Oblivious Joy.

I am in my bubble

and all is right with the world

I don’t see that woman

begging with her hands out-held


I don’t see the children

running barefoot through the mud

or the beaten donkeys

coloured red with their own blood


I don’t watch the adverts

on the television screen

So I don’t see the suffering 

thousands in our world so green.


I refuse to watch the news

Its grim and dark despairing

I haven’t seen world leaders

with their faces so uncaring.


I don’t answer the door

when charities come knocking

So I am not aware of

the plight that’s oh so Shocking

of the leopards, lions,

tigers, bears and the need for water

the starving, dying millions,

someones beloved son or daughter.


I am happy dreaming here

All content and full of mirth

I am in my bubble

I see no problems on this Earth. 


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 06/May/2018


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