Picture of the Day – Whitby Abbey

You may or may not have noticed, but last week I was actually away on holiday.

I had gone to Whitby in North Yorkshire. It is quite a famous little town.

Bram Stoker wrote about Whitby in his book Dracula. Dracula came ashore at Whitby after a shipwreck. There is a Dracula museum in Whitby and you can follow in his steps, up the beach and up to the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

This is a picture of Whitby Abbey. As you can see it is a ruin, but it is still very picturesque and atmospheric. There is often a mist that rises from the sea and shrouds the whole town, sometimes completely hiding the abbey. Seeing it slowly appearing out of the mists gives it a really spooky, mysterious quality.

I can see why Bram Stoker decided to make this place one of the locations for his bloodthirsty and sinister character.

I will probably post a few more pictures of this interesting town over the next few days.

I hope you liked this picture.