The Blossoms

I set out to find a song lyric that contains the word Blossom, in accordance with Jim Adam’s Challenge, click on the link below:

But instead my brain started whirring and I started writing my own lyric which I share below:

When the trees bring forth their blossoms

That’s when I think of you

The memories I had forgotten

Of what we have both gone through.

Though our faces change with the years

and our time together we may disparage,

With the blossoms come the tears

And the pain of our love’s miscarriage.

Life brings sorrow and we must salute

I tell myself to be strong, stand tall,

The marching band of time plays flute

Then comes again the pain that I recall.

When the trees give up their blossoms

To the ground the petals descend

I remember what I’d forgotten

All good things come to an end.

copyright: Written by Kristian Fogarty 4th March 2021

I have also included the following word prompts:

Unrepentant – A poem

I am only human after all,

and prone to vice, some big, some small.

I never claimed to be perfect

I can’t hide or be circumspect.

I am what I am, nothing more

I’ll await what fate has in store.

I stand accused of living life,

with gay abandon, free of strife

of having an ego too enlarged

what can I say? Guilty as Charged.

I stand unrepentantly tall.

I do not accept any sentence at all.

Life is a sentence of its own

its own punishment for seeds we’ve sown,

both tremendous pain and pleasure

love and laughter without measure.

I stand here strong in the life I’ve built,

I’ve cheated no one, so feel no guilt.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 24/May/2018


via Daily Prompt: Guilty