A Multiple Word Prompt Poem – Summer Break







Summer Break

As I sat here with my pen in hand

I heard the loudest noise in the land

A mighty cacophony of sound

That knocked me off my seat and to the ground.


What frightful fracas, what dreadful din

My ears couldn’t cope and take it in.

I sat there and began to tremble

My wits, I started to reassemble.


Despite the fear, despite the quivers,

I calmed my nerves and stopped my shivers.

I began to summon all my strength

And gave myself a talk, at length.


I turned to face the beaconing truth,

My day of reckoning, my misspent youth.

Those symbols of my great mistake,

the kids had come home for summer break.


The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 18/August/2018

Cave Tu Autem In Periculo – A multiple Word Prompt Short Story

I hope you enjoy this macabre tale. It is Friday the 13th After all 😉


Cave Tu Autem In Periculo

“No, I won’t do it. You know I’m not in the least superstitious but I tell you Suzie, that place gives me the creeps” Said Andy vehemently.

“Andy you’re behaving like a petulant child. I told my parents we’re going and that’s that.”

A lot of people didn’t want to spend time with the In-laws but in Andy’s case it had nothing to do with his Father or Mother-on-law, they were fine, upstanding folk. They didn’t have much sense of humour and were definitely not what you could call fun, but they were quiet, kind and considerate.

They never popped in to visit, which Andy took as being a kindness. No newlyweds wanted their parents or in-laws popping in all the time.

No, they never popped in, but occasionally they did want them to come and stay. He had been putting it off since the last time. He had never felt such fear in all his life.

The noises in the night, the messages on the mirror and the way the paintings looked at you, all convinced him that the place was haunted.

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