50 Word Thursday #15 – The Results!

Good Morning everyone.

The 50 Word Thursday challenge is over for another week and here are the results.

I must admit I was very busy yesterday and so forgot to post this, I usually post the results on Wednesday.

I take turns hosting this challenge with Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith.

Last Thursday is just a distant lingering memory, so here is a reminder of my post from last Thursday:


The Challenge was to write a story or poem in 50 word multiples up to a maximum of 250 words in response to a photo prompts and a sentence.

So here’s the picture for LAST week:


And the words:
“Ah! The Wonder House! Can any enter?” – Kim by Rudyard Kipling

And Here are all the excellent entries for last week.



50 Words Thursday #15

50 Word Thursday








Please take this opportunity to have a read of these great tales.

It’s over to Teresa now to post this week’s new challenge.






Twittering Tales – A Fateful Phone Call.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash.com

As she saw the phone memories flooded back. Standing frantically dialing for assistance while outside a man pulled out a knife.

Her world changed that day.

Luckily, the police came in time, the Phone Box Killer was caught and she ended up marrying the policeman that rescued her.

[279 Characters]

This story was written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales:

Twittering Tales #132 – 16 April 2019




50 Word Thursday #15

Good morning and welcome to this weeks 50 Word Thursday challenge. I take turns hosting this challenge with Teresa, the Haunted Wordsmith. Click the link below to see the results of last weeks challenges and read some of the entries.


The Rules:

  • Find the muse within the photo or line provided and follow where it leads. It can be a story, anecdote, poem. Anything!
  • The Story must be between 50 and 250 words, in 50 word increments. (so 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 words)
  • Link back to this post with the tag 50WordThurs so that everyone can find it, or post your response in the comments below.


So here is this weeks picture:


And the words:

“Ah! The Wonder House! Can any enter?” – Kim by Rudyard Kipling


I hope you enjoy this week’s challenge.


Have fun



Twittering Tales – Maiden Flight.

Photo by Adhitya Andanu at Pexels.com


Past obscuring lines of rain

I see the waiting aeroplane

A rising panic grips my chest

Like pangs of hunger manifest

I take a pill to ease my stress

The panic pains soon regress

I conquered fear, my mental plight

Now it’s my maiden Pilots flight

I feel brilliantly

Won’t you fly with me?

[278 Characters]


This poem was written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales Challenge:

Twittering Tales #131 – 9 April 2019


I have also included the following word prompts:






What do you see – A Daredevil in Flight


This poem was written for Helene Vaillant’s What do you see challenge:

What do you See? April 2, 2019


He’d had a prescient feeling

When his application had gone in.

The excitement sent him reeling

And made his head feel in a spin.


When the phone call came

To say he’d won the competition

He pretended all the same

That he hadn’t had a premonition.


The booked time was at midnight

The weather had been rather warm

It wasn’t a great time for his maiden flight

Particularly in a thunderstorm.


But regardless of the weather,

He put on his favourite sweatshirt

And carried his lucky eagle feather.

And prayed that no-one else gets hurt.


As the lightning struck across the sky

You’d think no one would have flown that day,

But he was a daredevil and that was why

He shouted, “Cast-off and Chocks Away!”


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 04/April/2019


I have also included the following word prompts:


Today’s prompt: midnight, sweatshirt, application



FOWC with Fandango — Prescient



50 Word Thursday – Pointing the way.

Image by John Collins from Pixabay


The treasure hunt had started and hidden among the fields and old farm building was a very valuable object. People came from far and wide to take part in the hunt.

As she stumbled and scrambled over some milk pails, she found the next clue.

“Find the Scary Cast-off clothes,

Then to find the treasure, simply follow your nose.”

She sat on an overturned bucket and considered the clue. Then she had a Eureka moment.

The old scarecrow was made from cast-off clothes and it, of course, was scary because that is what it was made for.

Running for the cornfield, she was pleased to see the other people headed in the opposite direction, towards the pigsty.

When she arrived at the field panting for breath, her foot gave way and she slipped over in the mud. As she lay sprawled in the muck, she looked up to see the scarecrow, pointing westwards and grinning down at her.

“Why are you smiling?” she shouted at it.

Picking herself up and cleaning herself up as best she could, she stumbled off in the direction the scarecrow was pointing in.

No-one heard her scream as she fell down into the scarecrow’s trap.


[200 words]


This story was written for the 50 word thursday challenge, this week hosted by The Haunted Wordsmith. If you’d like to take part click on the link below:


I have also included the following Word Prompt: Cast-Off



Kreative Kue – Bonfire of Broken Dreams


This Poem was written in response to this picture prompt from Keith Channing’s Kreative Kue Challenge.


Bonfire of Broken Dreams

It’s the burning autumn leaves

That’s making me cry so much,

It isn’t that you’re leaving,

It’s not that I miss your touch.

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50 Word Thursday #13 – A Weekly Challenge

Welcome to the 50 Word Thursday weekly Challenge.


The rules

1 The completed piece must be in multiples of 50 words – a maximum of 250 words. Anything is acceptable – poetry, story, anecdote.
2 There will be a photo and a random phrase that I will take from the current book I am reading – you can use either or both
3 Please pingback and tag 50WordThurs so I can do a summary.


I am co-hosting this competition, taking it in turns with Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith. Last week was her turn, click the link below to see her challenge, and check out the links to the entries.



So here is the picture for this week:


And here are the words:

“How could anyone be tired of London?” – Bizarre London by David Long


I hope you enjoy this weeks Challenge.

On Wednesday I will post the results (unlike last time, which I forgot and posted them on Thursday instead!)

Have fun 😉

What do you See? – Ghostly Footsteps.


This poem is written in response to Helene Vaillant’s What do you see Challenge:

What do you See? March/26/2019

and also the Tuesday’s Writing Prompt Challenge from the Go Dog Go Cafe, to write a poem containing the line “Footsteps of the Mind”.

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge March 26, 2019


As I wander through the cloisters,

Just to see what I can find,

I hear a noise come suddenly

Like the footsteps of the mind.


Are these spectres from my memories?

Or something much more sinister?

Is it a thief that haunts the shadows

With some violence to administer?


My heart beats faster as I linger

In the dim and darkening light

Then I see from out the shadows

Something Impish, bold and white.


I see it bound and run towards me

And I scream and jump a mile

Then I realise that what I feared

Is just a dog, This makes me smile.


Can there ever be a terror

Greater than the one I find

When I leave my thoughts to linger

On those footsteps in my mind?


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 27/March/2019


I have also included the following word prompts:

Word of the Day: Impish


Ragtag Daily Prompt: Thief



Beachwalking – A poem for Kreative Kue


This poem was written in response to the Kreative Kue challenge by Keith Channing on his blog, Keith Kreates, see his post here:




I walk along the beach at dawn

Wandering freely without much care

Of where I place each foot, forlorn

And heavy, wondering why I linger there.


I glance to see a foggy tendril

A whispering ghost of gossamer wing

I hear a voice, I stand and tremble,

It is my name the Angels Sing.


There, by the sea, a corpse is lying,

I rush to help, too late, and yet

I give a breath, then stop trying

My eyes fall upon a piece of Jet.


The blackest stone of mourning loss

I see its glimmer and watch it shine.

This gem reveals much with its gloss.

The Gem and body, both are mine.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 25/March/2019


I have also included the following prompts:


FOWC with Fandango — Corpse