Under the Jubilee Flight Path

I was lucky to be out with my Mum having lunch in a local restaurant and we were told that the planes that were going to be flying to London to do a formation flypast for the Queen’s Jubilee were actually going to fly over our heads.

Life is full of unexpected surprises, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This time is was so lovely to see the planes fly over in formation and later to watch the news and see the same planes being enjoyed by Her Majesty the Queen on the balcony at Buckingham palace.


PRUNING on a Sunday

Yesterday my Mum came to tea, and looking out at my garden she announced “What an overgrown mess!”

My ears could not believe this terrible calumny! This attack on my green and lush sanctuary, my little recreation of Eden. Then the scales fell from my eyes and I realised that my mother had spoken the truth and I had deceived myself.

I decided to redeem myself and so today I spent some hours doing some major pruning of the garden that has really grown due to all the heavy rain intermixed with short periods of sunshine. A major chopping back was something that the garden really did require and it has left me feeling totally exhausted (but just a bit pleased with my efforts).



A Double Haiku – Naughtiness.


I can’t recall when,

I had seen a more naughty

April Fool’s Day prank.


To Modify that

picture of the President,

to make him look smart!




FOWC with Fandango — Recall









Do you recall? – A recap of some of my recent posts.



You may recall that about a month ago I wrote a recap post to give an overall picture of my short stories and poems.

Click on the link below to see this earlier post:


I didn’t want to do a similar post every week, because that would soon get monotonous, but I thought it was time to put together another recap post for some of my stories and poems that I’ve written in April.














Short Stories:






I always considered myself to be more of a story writer, with Poetry just being an occasional aside. Seeing as how the number of poems I have recently in the last two weeks compared to the number of stories, I think I’ll have to modify my view slightly….

Enjoy your Sunday 🙂



FOWC with Fandango — Recall







A Picture by the Sea – A poem for Kreative Kue 210


This poem was written for the Kreative Kue challenge, see the link below:


I think that it is such a great picture, evocative and poignant. I hope my poem does this picture justice.


I took a picture of you,

Standing in the sea,

the water lapping at your feet,

as you smiled up at me.

Those days were simply perfect,

Though we didn’t know it then,

That life, as often happens,

Would change and change again.

Not long after the picture was taken,

I said farewell to you,

I watched you sail from my life

I cried for a week or two.

That seems a lifetime ago,

In many ways it was,

Our lives have drifted far apart,

And I’m to blame, because,

I left those words unspoken,

I didn’t tell you how I felt,

And that’s why our lives were broken

By the bitter hand, fate dealt.

Each and every day I wander,

By the water’s edge, I lurk,

Gazing at the sea that took you

Into the darkness and the murk.

It’s here I took a picture of you,

Standing in that sea,

How I wish that here and now,

You were smiling next to me.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 14/March/2019

This weeks challenge from the Go Dog Go Cafe was to write something that involved Water. Well, I think this poem does that. If you wish to take part in the Tuesday Writing Prompt from the Go Dog Go Cafe click on the link below:

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge March 12, 2019

I have also included the following word prompt:



English Bluebells – Fragrant

English Bluebells are more properly known as the Common Bluebell or Hyacinthoides Non-Scripta in Latin. The name common is a misnomer, they are extremely rare and endangered. Even though they are found all over Western Europe along the Atlantic edge, they are rare outside of England. Woodlands are full of this beautiful flower in April  (See featured photo) and they have a delicate woody aroma and a deep violet colour. They are also delicate and flop over to one side as they grow.

An invader to our shores and common in garden centres is the more robust Hyancinthoides Hispanica (below left) which is a paler colour and also comes in white and pink. They are more sturdy and upright. They do not have any fragrance, whereas the English Bluebell (Below right) is very fragrant.


Some Pictures of Greenwich – London


Greenwich in London doesn’t feel like London. It feels like you are in a green leafy town outside of London, and yet it is very much surrounded by London. An Oasis.

It is the site of Greenwich Observatory and the home of Greenwich Mean Time. You can see the main time line laid out across the courtyard and people stand astride it, each half of their bodies technically in different time zones.

In reality of course the Whole of the UK is currently in GMT +1 hr or British Summer Time.

Greenwich is also home to the Naval College that was founded by King Charles the Second, the Greenwich Maritime Museum, the Queens House (a former royal residence originally used by the wife of the King to get away from court) and also a beautiful green park that is perfect for picnics.

If you are in London and you have a few hours, I’d recommend catching the Boat bus from Westminster bridge or The Tower of London down to Greenwich, takes about 30 minutes.

Hope you liked my Pictures.


Some Pictures of My Garden.

For ages I have wanted to post multiple pictures in a post and I have only been able to show one featured image.

Thank fully I received some simple instructions that I could understand and finally here is a post with multiple pictures.

I would like to thank


For helping me.

Also I want to tag Shelley who I promised to show some pictures of my garden.


You can tell I am very fond of Lavender. Most of my plants are bee friendly and I’m proud to say I have lots of honey bees and bumble bees in there. Also lots of butterflies.


And these are my four hens.

The White one is called Angelica and the Brown one is called Adelaide.

I’ve had these just over a year and they are quiet, lovely hens and they lay almost every day.

The Black hen is called Maggie, short for Lady Margaret and the speckled hen on the right is Esmerelda. These two are new, I only got them 2 weeks ago and they are still settling in.

So, I hope you like my pictures. 🙂


Picture of the day – My garden

This is a picture of my garden taken two years ago.

I will post up a more up to date photo as soon as I download my camera.

This picture also doesn’t have any chickens in it.

That is highly unusual because my hens seem to love the limelight.

As soon as the camera comes out, they (the hens) are posing more brazenly than a second rate celebrity on the make.

They also like to stare into the lens with an intensity that is quite unnerving.

I wonder sometimes if they know what I’m doing. They almost seem to be saying

“Ok Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up”.

So Hen pictures coming up and more garden pictures…..

Hope you like this one.  (I can’t seem to be able to upload more than one photo per post….If you know how I can achieve that, please let me know).