Pictures of New Zealand – 2006


Tree Ferns in the Forest.DSC03169DSC03178DSC03211DSC03229

Meeting a friend. DSC03320DSC03339DSC03353DSC03367DSC03379DSC03391DSC03395

This is the closest we got to Middle Earth. This is near to the site of Hobbiton. DSC03400DSC03466

Wellington HarbourDSC03470DSC03479

The Beehive – New Zealand’s Parliament building.DSC03495

This photograph was taken in the Botanical Gardens in Wellington and there was something magical about the way the light and the colours worked. I’ve got this picture on my wall at home.

I hope you liked these photos from my Trip to the North Island of New Zealand. That was back in 2006, it’s about time I went back and saw the South Island now. 😉


Isle of Skye – 2006


This was a place on the Isle of Skye called the Fairy Glen. I have to say it felt really strange and eerie there. The valley was surrounded by small mountain streams and waterfalls and the hillocks were supposed to be Fairy Dens, (but are actually glacial features left from the last Ice age).  It remains one of the most unusual places I have ever been to.


This was me 12 years ago…I still have that waterproof jacket. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed these photos of a very special place. 🙂

All My Hens – A Photo collection

The Top Photo is a picture of my Three first hens, who decided to line up and pose for the camera. From left to right: Henrietta, Ophelia and Cleopatra.

Henrietta unfortunately turned out to be a Henry so we took her back to the farm and they exchanged her for a hen. We couldn’t have a cockerel in our neighbourhood.

Ophelia was docile and timid but Cleopatra was very well named. She was cruel and vicious to the other hens and she used to stalk pigeons on the lawn and pull their tail feathers out. She was also afraid of nothing.


This was the Hen we swapped Henry for. She is a little Silkie we named Rosemary (Rosie for short) because she used to hide from the other hens under the Rosemary bush.


Then we acquired Queenie. She was found in someones garden one day with no clue how she got there. She couldn’t keep her but told her sister about it, who happened to sit next to a friend of mine at work. Through this particular grapevine, I ended up with her. She was a regal and lovely hen and she became my favourite. I still miss her.


This is Ophelia, Cleopatra and Queenie Sunbathing on the lawn. I didn’t know chickens did this at first, so the first time I ran out in the garden convinced that someone had shot my beloved pets. They hadn’t of course.


Time could be cruel and I lost Cleopatra and Ophelia, I had already lost Rosie who had always been sickly. They have all been interred in the pet cemetery beneath the Rosemary bush. So I acquired two new hens. Seen above, sharing the dust bath with Queenie is the Golden fluffy hen I named Philomena and the Black Rock called Penelope.

These three got on very well, with Queenie a regal but benevolent ruler.


Queenie died of old age, she deteriorate over the space of a month, becoming bewildered and not eating. It was very sad to see her go. Penelope died all of a sudden, a shock because she was only a year old. So I had to get some companions for Philomena. I then got another Light Sussex who looks a lot like Cleopatra but lacks her cruel and wicked streak. She is called Angelica. The brown hen is called Adelaide, who is lovely and friendly and loved to come into the house and say hello, then goes out again.


With Philomena gone, I have now got two new hens, that have settled in nicely over the last two weeks. The Black hen is a breed called a Magpie, so she’s called Maggie. The speckled Hen is called Esmerelda.

I have had hens now for about 6 years and despite the fact that they do tend to scratch and make a mess and produce huge amounts of manure, they are so entertaining to watch and produce lovely eggs for breakfast, which is more than you can say for guinea-pigs. I wouldn’t be without them.



More Garden Pictures – Late Spring

I have just learnt how to post multiple pictures in one Post and so here are a few more pictures taken of my garden. These ones were taken in April in the very late spring we had. Normally spring gradually builds up at the end of February and by mid March has properly arrived however this year we actually got two bouts of snow (very rare) in early and late March so that Spring didn’t really get going until April and then it was quite cold. I miss it now. We have had two weeks of day temperatures up to the high 20’s Centigrade and we haven’t had any rain for 5 weeks. I look back on April with fond memories.


This was my Broom in full flower. It looks like one of my hens, Angelica, has photobombed this one 😉 IMG_0843

This is one of my favourite garden plants. It used to be called Dicentra but they changed it’s botanic name, I call it bleeding hearts because of its really unusual flowers.


My Rosemary in full bloom provided early nectar for the bees.


My Magnolia is full swing. Every year it takes my breath away.


These tiny little daffodils are called Martinet and they are scented too. I love daffodils.

I hope you like these pictures.