Happiness – a poem (not about me)


When will I find Happiness?

I try to keep hopefull, but I confess

I have almost given up

Dreaming, hoping of the day

When I will find

Someone to love me, who is kind.


Happiness, I admit it, I am in Distress

The time left to me is getting less

Do I still have the chance

Of attracting someone nice?

Am I too Old?

Will I be left out in the cold?


When I was young I played the fool

Thought settling down was just uncool

But now I know I wasted time.

Looking back, I’ve passed my prime.

Will I ever find what I am looking for?

Or will I continue living without…..


Happiness. When will I find Happiness?

I feel my life is such a shameful mess.

And yet, somehow, I know

There is always tomorrow,

and I will find,

The one for me is, in my mind

and I’ll find happiness.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty


Wandering in Wonder

I wonder as I wander

though the passages of life

how did I weave

though  thoughts deceive

through the trees of doubt and strife

through the dark deadly dangers of my own mind.

Though life has so many tortures

So many painful memories of past mistakes

It offers the most enticing of prizes

that forces us ever onwards into the lands of ‘what if’.

The wonder of life is the wonder of what tomorrow will bring.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty – 10/March/2018


via Daily Prompt: Wonder

You’ll be fine tomorrow

The windows of you mind

show the sadness and the sorrow

but don’t cry, because tomorrow

you’ll be fine.

It’s all in your mind.


Dry those tears that you cry,

this is not the time for worry, 

that gets you  nowhere in a hurry.

Just dry,

Those tears you cry.


The sunshine my have gone

but it returns before too long

just keep smiling through the pain

and you’ll find you’ll live again.

Just be Strong.

Tomorrow will come along.


Your eyes betray your thoughts,

the raw emotions felt inside.

You feel there’s nowhere safe to hide

That’s not true.

You will cope and muddle through.


Just keep trying, that’s the key.

The future isn’t something bad.

Keep on going, you’ll be glad 

that you did.

Tomorrow’s worth it you will see.


Though you fight and fear you’ll lose,

the winnings worth the wait.

If you give in, then you choose

to be the victim of your fate.

People who succeed in life, 

have but one thing the same

they kept going through the strife,

though they failed and failed again.

Please take heed of my advice

and you’ll be in a happy mood

you’ll be knocked down once or twice

but after bad times will come good.

Those who quit will live in sorry,

but there is always tomorrow.

You’ll be fine.

It’s all in your mind.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty






Bliss – A short poem about nature

Like sweet honey, the dew drops dripped.

Like summer breezes, the sighs of contentment.

Relaxing, reclining, with day-dreaming intent,

The sunshine caressing the branches and arbours.

The nature lovers ideal never changes, never alters.

Long sunny days spent by streams babbling waters. 


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty