50 Word Thursday – The Price of Fame


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“Casting a desperate glance over her shoulder Felicity pursed her lips as the sound of running feet advised that they were still in hot pursuit.”   – Misfire – Deb Whittam.


The Price of Fame

Casting a desperate glance over her shoulder Felicity pursed her lips as the sound of running feet advised that they were still in hot pursuit.

As she ran out of the Oasis Hotel and down to the beach, still wearing her high stiletto heels, her staunch and screaming admirers followed.

Kicking off the heels and hiking up her skirts she ran across the sand to make her escape.

It had taken a while to perfect her act but with the passage of time, she had now achieved stardom and a decent wage. However, this mob of fans and autograph hunters that now regularly bothered her every evening after her show was getting her down. If only she could find some private space so she could remove her wig, make-up and sparkly sequinned ballgown and return to being just Kevin Smith rather than Felicity Fawcett, the best drag act in town.

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FOWC with Fandango — Wage





Multiple Word Prompt Short Story – The Price of War.

The intergalactic war raged on. Society was crumbling and desperate times lead to desperate measures.

On one ancient and obscure planet, it’s Supreme Council gathered to discuss ways of ending the war.

They voted to use the doomsday device.

Consisting of every nuclear weapon available, they launched the missiles at the adjacent galaxy, aiming at its central sun.

The impact triggered an enormous supernova that destroyed every planet in their enemy’s galaxy. In this one act, they had brought peace but at a terrible cost.

The Victors were unaware of the danger as the heat from the expanding supernova engulfed them, like a burning effigy to their foolishness. That ancient planet called Earth was destroyed.

Only moments later, the sound of that explosion reached them, but there was no one left to hear it.


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FOWC with Fandango — Danger