Picture of the Day – A deadly stinging tree.

This picture was taken a few years ago on a trip to Australia.

I have been to Australia a few times now, I have friends and family out there.

The first time I went as an Adult (my Dad’s Brother, Cousin and Uncle live there and so I went twice when I was a child) a couple of friends, who had seen several documentaries about the dangerous wildlife in Australia were very concerned for me. They kept telling me about the Sharks, The Snakes, The Crocodiles and the Jellyfish, all of which could kill me.

Well, clearly, I survived. I did discover something I had not been aware of, and neither had my rather cautions friends, a deadly stinging tree.

We, of course, have stinging nettles. If you touch them, they can be painful and sore, but not really more than an inconvenience. This tree has large leaves about twenty centimetres across, covered in stinging hairs. The sting is apparently extremely painful and can last months. If someone falls in a pile of its leaves, it has been known to be fatal!

The Aborigines of the part of Queensland where this tree is common call it the Gympie Gympie tree. This roughly translates as Devil Devil. This gives you a fair impression.

We were walking, carefully in the forest and I saw the sun shining through onto one of these trees. It made a good picture with which to terrify my cautious friends. They still haven’t been to Australia yet.

I hope you liked this picture.