A Questionable Reaction – A Murder Mystery Continues.

This story is a continuation of a story I started writing a while ago.

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A Questionable Reaction

Sir Alfred Thorpe was carrying out his little investigation. He had entered his club, which was situated on a quiet street in Mayfair. The man at the front desk was a little surprised to see him. It was not his usual time or day. He didn’t usually come to the club midweek, or during the daylight hours, however, the man he was hoping to see preferred the comfort of his own home in the evenings but was likely to be here at this time of day.

“Is Lord Cedric Halifax in the club, George?” he addressed the man behind the desk, whose name was actually Colin but he’d learnt long ago that the distinguished members of the club were not to be corrected. He didn’t mind answering to the name George, it was better than some he’d been called.

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