Time to call it a day – A Poem

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Time will march on

Ignoring our cries

The past is gone

Only the future lies

Ahead of us

To travel through it

Is a fantastical dream

Yet it remains lit

A radiant beam

Of hope to cling to

But like a disease

Time affects you

It will not appease

But march ever on

Whatever we cry,

Today is now gone,

We’re born to die.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 01/March/2019




FOWC with Fandango — Radiant



Blooming Radiant – Short story.

She hadn’t told her husband about the appointment. She had thought it best to keep it all to herself for now. She hadn’t told anyone. Not her mother, not her sister and definitely not her best friend Susan, because then everyone would know! This was just her little secret. For now anyway. 

She sat in the waiting room with a feeling of apprehension inside her. She concentrated on the pictures that lined the walls. An aerial view of New York and Central Park caught her eye. “That’s a coincidence” thought Emma, “That’s where it all happened.”

She was happily married to her husband of 11 years, Michael, the love of her life. They had wanted children so much but so far this had been denied them. She had miscarried twice. Unfortunately that seemed to be a family trait. Her Mother had three miscarriages before she’d had her, then went on to have her sister Ellie just over a year later. 

Just a few weeks ago they had decided to have a second honeymoon and had chosen to go to New York. Neither of them had been there and it had been on her bucket list, so it seemed like the perfect idea. They flew first class, she’d never done that before. She was so blown away by the comfort and novelty of travelling first class that she forgot to take her flying pills, to ease her nerves, but she’d felt fine after all. They had booked a lovely hotel too, just near to Central Park. They’d had a romantic ride around the park in a horse-drawn carriage. It seemed to put them both in such a good mood. They’d made love like newly weds, enjoying each other all over again. 

Then a couple of weeks later she’d started throwing up in the mornings. She hadn’t said anything to Michael at first. She couldn’t cope with the disappointment and loss again, if it was a false alarm, or worse, if she lost it in those crucial first few weeks.

There was an announcement over the intercom, but she was still thinking about their New York trip and so missed it. The receptionist came over to her.

“Mrs. Langley? That’s the Doctor calling you in. Do you need a hand?”

“Oh Sorry, I was away with the fairies wasn’t I? No thank you, I can cope.”

Then she disappeared into the Doctors surgery. She was in there for some time. The appointment was for 1:15 but it was gone 2pm when she finally emerged. She looked flustered and a bit shaken, as she rushed out of the surgery. She got in her car and decided to drive straight to Michael’s place of work to speak to him. She needed his support right now. She arrived at the building and parked very roughly. She didn’t care, she just wanted to see her husband. 

Michael looked up as his wife came suddenly into the room. She was flushed and glowing. she looked absolutely radiant. 

She ran over to him and said “Michael, I’ve been to see the doctor, and I’m pregnant and the Doctor thinks it might be twins!”

With that she threw herself into his arms and they kissed.

Both of them were so elated they had forgotten all the other people in the lecture theatre, but they didn’t seem to mind.

In fact quite a few of the students cheered. 

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 02/April/2018



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