50 Word Thursday – Wet Knees

Image by janrye from Pixabay


He sat on the bench and meditated

His life was rather complicated

It sometimes felt he wasn’t understood,

The world seemed to say to him

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

And now he felt the tides of life

Rising up through pain and strife,

He sat and prayed to gain relief

somehow it failed to ease his grief,

The heavens opened, the rain fell hard

A cascade of water, a hail bombard.

The waters rose around him high

Falling from the ashen sky

And there he sat, beneath the trees,

Languishing, lonely, with wet knees.


This poem was belatedly written for the 50 Word Thusday Challenge, this week hosted by Teresa, the Haunted Word smith:


Tell the Story – Love in the Rain.

A good blogging pal of mine, with the same name, Kristian, of Life Lessons from around the Dinner Table has tagged me in this challenge.


Apparently, this challenge started with The Eclectic Contrarian,


He posted a picture and challenged three people to write a story based on that picture. One of the people he chose was my friend Kristian. She, in turn, has posted this picture (See Below) and asked me to write my story, then pass it on.


So here we go:

Love in the Rain

It was a typical wet January in the City of London and I’d just popped out of the office to grab a bit of lunch. The rain had eased off, so I just grabbed my raincoat, but left my umbrella behind, under my desk.

In the time it had taken for me to run into my favourite cafe, grab a Tuna Baguette and order my coffee to go, it had started raining again. Not the light, constant drizzle, but a downpour. The water was flowing between the cobbles, washing them clean, but I couldn’t stop to admire them. I was in a dilemma. I had to get back to the office, eat my lunch in time to give my presentation. So much for making a first impression, I was going to look like a drowned rat!

I must have had that ‘lost sheep’ look because someone came over, carrying a large golf umbrella. It was a guy I’d seen around the office but didn’t really know what department he worked in. He always said Hi, and had a nice smile. He was flashing those white teeth of his as he came over.

“Hi. It’s Lucy, isn’t it? Caught out without an umbrella?”

He seemed nice, and stating the obvious wasn’t a crime, so I forgave him for that.

“Yes, It had stopped raining when I came out, but obviously,  not for long. I’m sorry, I don’t know your name.”

“It’s Sam. Look, I’m just going pop in a grab a coffee, then how about I walk you back to the office? The umbrella’s big enough for both of us.”

“OK, thanks Sam” I was relieved. I wasn’t going to end up looking all bedraggled for my presentation after all. I probably wouldn’t have long to eat the baguette though.

As I waited for Sam to get his coffee, I went over what I had to say in my head. I had been given this project by my boss, to look at untapped marketing areas the company could exploit. If it went well, she told me, I could be looking at promotion out of it. That’s if the big boss liked it. I’d been at the company for six months and I’d never met the big boss yet. He spent most of his time at the New York office.

Sam had picked up an Americano and then we left together.

“Gosh, I love this country and all the rain. Don’t you?” Sam said.

“It’s OK, I guess, It’s growing on me” I replied. I had to admit that sharing an umbrella with a smart looking guy with a nice smile, wasn’t a bad way to spend a lunch break.

He walked me back to the office and we said goodbye at the lift. He was going to the top floor, whereas I went straight to the conference centre. Then I put all thought of him out of my head as I got everything prepared, taking sips of coffee and an occasional bite out of my baguette while I set the projector up.

At One o’clock, on the dot, the door opened and in walked my manager, Sandra, with a man who must have been the big boss. He must have been in his fifties. He had a businesslike, no-nonsense appearance. This wasn’t a guy who had time for anything other than work.

As I shook hands with him, a good firm handshake, he turned and introduced me to someone standing behind him. It was Sam.

“May I introduce my head of Marketing, Sam Greensmith. He’s who you’ll be working for if your presentation is as good as Sandra tells me it is.”

Suddenly, I felt a bit shy, but I managed to pull myself together.

The presentation went well. Overall, it had been a very productive afternoon.

I got my promotion and something else too.

They say you fall in love fastest in a rainstorm.


The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 14/January/2019


I hope you like this story.

So, to continue the challenge, Here is a picture:


I nominate:




Weight Loss, World Peace And Getting Whack Job Scientists Laid




Manic Monday’s 3 Way Prompt – I’d rather be Frozen than Wet – A Song.

Yes, I know it’s now Wednesday but I have got a little behind (No personal comments please 😉 ) 

I have written a Christmas parody song, I think you’ll be able to guess which song it is based on.

This Song was written in response to Laura M Bailey’s Manic Monday’s 3-way challenge.

See Link:


You may also wish to read my previous entry for the 3-way challenge:


The Word: FROZEN

I’d Rather be Frozen than Wet

Oh, the weather outside is Awful,

All this rain should be made unlawful

I stare at all this mud below

And cry, make it snow, make it snow, make it snow.


I worry I’ll end up drowning,

When instead I’d rather be clowning,

In a frozen land all white, aglow

Please make it snow, make it snow, make it snow.


I want to frolic in the frozen white.

I’d rather be frozen than wet.

I put money on snow on Christmas night,

and I really want to win my bet.


I want to light a warm winter fire

And drink Snowballs*, that’s my desire.

But the Woods too damp to make it so.

Please, make it snow, make it snow, make it snow.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 5th December 2018 with obvious tribute to Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne who wrote the wonderful song, Let it Snow.

Snowballs* are a drink made with Advocaat (similar to Eggnog) mixed with Lemonade, it is commonly drunk at Christmas by people who want to enter into the festivities but not drink anything strong. It is often the first alcoholic drink that children are allowed to drink (with more lemonade). 

I have also included the word RAIN:


Petrichor – The day the rain came.



The Rain fell hard,

the first of the year

on bone-dry soil

thus ending the fear,

of starvation and drought

that had filled our hearts,

and now we danced

Oh, the joy rain imparts!

The thirsty ground,

released an aroma of love,

it gave forth its smell

to the clouds above.

and as the rain hit soil

it disappeared below,

without leaving a trace

without making a show.

The smell that lingered

that many adore

of rain on dry ground

is called petrichor


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 08/November/2018


FOWC with Fandango — Trace






Multiple word prompt story – So Much Potential

This story was written in response to the following word prompts:





Today’s things are: calendar, knee, jeep 



Sebastian woke up to the sun streaming into the room through a gap in the curtains. Dust motes floated and glinted in that bright beam of light. The room was already getting too hot to bear.

Wiping the sleep out of his eyes and the sweat from his brow, Sebastian walked into his en-suite shower-room, removing his boxer-shorts on the way. The Minty fragranced shower gel gave a brief sensation of coolness and it felt good to get rid of that dirty sweaty feeling that seemed to cling to him after a night of trying to sleep in that unrelenting heat. Stepping out of the shower, the heat seemed to dry him off even before he reached for a towel and began rubbing it over his toned and tanned body. He ran a comb through his floppy blonde hair and already spotted a bead of sweat developing on his forehead. ‘Will this incessant heat-wave ever end?’ he thought to himself. Grabbing a clean but cool linen shirt from the wardrobe he stretched and let it drop onto his arms and rest on his shoulders. He only did up two of the buttons, then he sat down on the bed, opened the bedside cabinet draw and pulled on a pair of loose underpants, then a pair of shorts. Jumping up, he was ready for the day. He looked at the Calendar on the kitchen wall. It was August the 14th. He pulled down the previous months page, then the next. He found the date that was ringed, June the 3rd. The last day they’d had rain.

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Wet Monday – A thought for the day.

As I sit here looking out of the window at the rain splashing against it and with my head spinning, it feel for a moment like I have accidentally been put in the washing machine on a cold wash.

I’m sipping my morning cup of tea; that magical potion that turns the wild man-ape capable only of incoherent grunts into a human. It probably isn’t a thorough transformation, there are still wild bits around the edges. As the warmth of the tea seeps into my bones and the caffeine leeches into my bloodstream and penetrates my brain, I finally feel I am able to embrace the day. Embrace or arm wrestle, whichever the day brings….Hopefully the former, because I need a hug, but prepared for the latter if necessary.

Have a great Monday everyone.