50 Word Thursday #72 – Games Devils Play – A grim tale of Lockdown

A cautionary message: This story is a bit unpleasant and I apologise if this is just too dark.

It was written for the 50 Word Thursday challenge, this week hosted by Deb Whittam. Click on the link to take part, the challenge ends on Wednesday:



And the words:

“She had thought it a game.” – Madeline Hunter’s A Devil of a Duke.

Games Devil’s Play

They had been chatting online for weeks. Of course, she’d been chatting to quite a few guys while this stupid lockdown was happening. She enjoyed playing the game, chatting guys up and sending them pictures. Her friends said she was fickle and only doing it for attention, which she supposed was true at first, but then he’d come along.

Somehow, he’d been different and more intense. He’d chased her, he seemed to know how her mind worked and they talked about the things they wanted. He seemed to be the man of her dreams.

She’d been overcome by the emotions that his words had created inside her. She found herself dreaming about him, what he’d be like.

She fantasised about the intimacy that they would enjoy together.

Tottering on the precipice, she’d finally given in to his suggestion and agreed to meet up, breaking lockdown.

As she waited on the deserted pier, the wind made her shiver. It had been a glorious day, so she’d worn a short skirt and a light cotton blouse. Was it the wind or the fact she was alone yet she felt someone staring at her?

Suddenly she caught sight of him standing just inside the hut where the pier train was stored. He beckoned her over and she dashed across to him.

Then he grabbed her hungrily. She had thought it a game but now reality came crashing home when he forced her to the floor and there was nobody to hear her scream.

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FOWC with Fandango — Fickle



Warning: This story isn’t nice – Hush Thy Screams.


I wrote this story in response to the Manic Monday 3 way challenge that Laura M Bailey hosts. See link below:


Hush Thy Screams

She’d just been lying there in her garden, sunbathing, minding her own business, when it happened.

A rough callused hand covered her mouth, a big heavy body pulled her up against it and a voice whispered in her ear “Hush“.

A panic rose up inside her. It was her new neighbour‘s voice. While one hand pressed hard on her mouth, restricting her breathing, his other roamed her body and removed her swimsuit. She felt his hot breath on her neck and hot flesh against her back.

She brought her carefully trained mind under control and twisted her lithe body out of his grasp grabbing the nail file on the table and forcing it into her attackers left eye.

The air erupted in screams, but not hers, his, as he writhed on the floor with blood pouring from his ruined eye-socket.

Hush,” She said to him and kicked him in the groin, her foot making contact with his testicles beneath his hardened manhood.

Her training as a spy held her in good stead but she was sick of having to teach men the hard way that it was ok to look, but not to touch.

It was clear she was going to have to move again.


FOWC with Fandango — Neighbor


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