No Peaceful Rest – An Espionage Poem.

This poem was written for the Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Challenge:

Today’s genre: Espionage (the classic international spy novel)



It had been a top-secret exercise,

To assassinate that troublesome royal,

Keeping his mouth shut seemed to be most wise,

Bodies all look the same, buried in soil.


All that was done, was done for the best,

And now to disappear into the night,

For the worlds top spy, there’s no peaceful rest.

In espionage, there’s no wrong or right.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 21/March/2019


This poem also contains the following word prompts:


Manic Monday’s 3 Way Prompt – Rejoice and Alleluia – A Poem


word prompt is:  Rejoice

This short story was written in response to Laura M Baileys Manic Monday prompt:

If you’d like to read the story I wrote for last weeks challenge, Click on the link below:

Rejoice and Alleluia.

Let’s have a big parade,

A Royal cavalcade,

Of marching bands

And swaying hands,

And banners that we’ve made.


And giant puppet goons,

Characters from old cartoons,

That dance and sway,

In a funny way,

And sing some favourite tunes.


Let’s rejoice and give a cheer,

and with good wishes, most sincere,

be thankful now,

Alleluia and Wow!

We’ve survived another year!

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 17/December/2018