A Saturday adventure

There are quite a few nice places to visit within an hours drive from where I live.

This photo is of Flatford Mill. If you have heard of the painter John Constable, this is the site of one of his most famous paintings called ‘The Haywain’.


He painted nearly 200 years ago and very little has changed since then.

In this crazy world where nothing seems to stay the same for longer than 5 minutes, I find it very therapeutic to go to a place where time seems to stand still. The river still runs, the mill still turns and nothing seems to alter.

Another place like that is The Church of St Peter on the Wall at Bradwell-on-Sea.


This building lays claim to being the oldest intact church in England and dates back to 673 AD. The stones it was built with were actually from a ruined Roman fortress called Othona. The roof has been repaired but walking into this bare church you really feel that you are transported back in time.

I am very grateful that we still have these little pockets we can go to in order to escape this hectic world for a little bit.

Happy Saturday everyone.