Some Different styles of Architecture.

Here are some buildings with contrasting architecture.

A Cathedral in The Hague, A church in Prague, St Pauls Cathedral in London, A street in Bergen Norway, The Queens House, Greenwich, London, The Beehive parliament building, Wellington New Zealand, The Palace of Westminster, parliament of the UK, Blarney Castle in Ireland, Greigs house in Norway, St Peter on the Wall, Chapel in Essex England (dates from the 7th Century BC) and the London Skyline including the Shard.


A Tuscan View – A short poem.

farm land during sunset
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In luscious waves of finest green

the gentle hills of a Tuscany scene,

is there a more suitable sight?

this region inspires such pure delight.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 03/May/2019

FOWC with Fandango — Finest




Flam, Sognefjord and more waterfalls.

I recently went exploring the wonders of Norway, well not all of them, just a taster.

I wanted to share some of my photos with you.


This is Vossvangen lake. The Town of Voss is situated on this lake and is an excellent base for the area. If you are interested in Sport, this area is famous for is Skiing in the Winter and its fishing in the summer.


This photo was taken from the Flam railway which provides fantastic views on its trip from Flam on the Sognefjord up to the town of Myrdal. On the left of the picture is a famous Zigzag road which provides quite a harrowing journey for tourists, but thankfully they close the road from the 1st of October, so we went back to Flam a different way. 🙂


There had been so much rain in the previous weeks that this waterfall had become much large than usual and the stream had burst its banks. I didn’t linger too long.


The turf-roofed houses here are part of the Gudvangen Viking village. Well worth a visit, apparently.

This was actually the only day we had where it rained all day. It made the waterfalls extra impressive though.

Hardangerfjord, The Voringfossen waterfall and the Fossli Hotel – Some Photos of my Trip to Norway.


Hardangervidda is a large area of land most of which is now a national park. It is inland from the Hardangerfjord that was once the only access to this part of the area. There are roads but they spend a good part of the year covered in snow and ice.


This picture above is a typical mountain home that many Norwegians keep up in the mountains as a place of their own for vacations, to enjoy the outdoors. They are not normally lived in all year round. This area is covered in Snow in the Winter and is an area with many ski slopes. The first snows normally arrive at the end of October.


This is the Fossli Hotel, built out of timber (most of the houses are) in the late 1800’s. It was built here because of its fantastic views of the Voringfossen waterfall. The area is also good skiing country in the Winter.


This is the Voringfossen waterfall. The photos do not give justice to the beauty of the scenery. Nor does it demonstrate how deep that valley is, the drop is 182 metres or 597 feet.


This is the Sysen Dam, you may be able to make out a couple of people walking across the top.


We were very lucky with the weather. Autumn doesn’t last long in Norway and they told me that Winter usually arrived at the end of October. There is snow on the tops of the mountains, but that normally is there all year round. We had two sunny days and one rainy day in Norway with temperatures about 15 degrees centigrade (about 60 Fahrenheit) which was milder than I was expecting. I packed for the Arctic, but it wasn’t that bad at all. The air was so clean and fresh and the scenery was Amazing.

I will definitely be going back to Norway at some point, It was so lovely, but I will have to start saving up, it is not a cheap place to visit.


Scenes of Ireland – 2011

These are some pictures I took on a holiday to Ireland back in April 2011. The Title picture and the picture below are of the Cliffs of Moher on the West coast of Ireland in County Clare.


The picture above is of the famous Blarney Castle. People still queue up to dangle backwards from the battlements in order to kiss the blarney stone and receive the gift of the Gab. As I’m scared of heights I didn’t bother. Plus I don’t really need the gift of the gab as I talk too much as it is.P1020711P1020727P1020738

This picture above is of the sunken garden on Garinish Island of the coast of County Cork near Bantry Bay.


This picture is of the Rock of Cashel, said to be the ancient seat of the Kings of Ireland. One famous tale from the past is that one fierce warrior king who was being crowned king of Ireland was taken by surprise when the bishop who was proclaiming him king accidentally dropped the sword and it pierced his foot. He didn’t scream though because he thought it was part of the ceremony. P1020967

If you happen to be a fan of old films, you may recognise this ruined church yard from a rather famous film set in Ireland.P1020956P1020865

An actor by the name of John Wayne sat on this bridge.


And this was the cottage used for some of the scenes. The film is The Quiet Man. In my view, the best John Wayne film ever made. With the lovely Maureen O’Hara. P1020954


I hope you liked my pictures.