An Ode to the Bald – A Terrible Poem

This poem was written for Chelsea Owens Final Terrible Poetry Competition, Click on the link to take part:

The Final Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

The Final Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

An Ode to the Bald

Oh, Woe is me, Alas and Alack
Oh how I wish I could have my hair back
Now my poor head is shiny and bald
My comb is redundant, my crown feels the cold
It’s the one thing for which I would pray, steal or beg,
If I could no longer be as bald as an egg.


Tinselheart- A Christmas themed poem.

branch celebration christmas christmas balls
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I’ve wrapped my heart in tinsel,

after all, it’s Christmas time,

I hoped it would help me feel more jolly,

happy, joyful and sublime.

But instead, I’m cold and empty,

I’m not filled with Christmas cheer,

And though my heart is wrapped in tinsel,

no-one wants my love this year.


Copyright@ Kristian Fogarty 22 December 2019




Kira’s Sunday Scribbles – The Hidden Void


In the fourth dimensional darkness,

I stare into space and see

a pair of cerulean eyes staring back at me.

As I tremble gazing into starkness,

that nondescript hidden void,

I close the kitchen cupboard door

feeling rather annoyed.

My memory, it’s very poor.

I’d forgotten what I’d gone there for. 


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 20/August/2018