50 Word Thursday #41 – Memories of Venice


And the words:

“How could I forget?” Mrs Judkin’s said.   – Otherwise Engaged – Amanda Quick


They stood together on the bridge in Venice watching the traffic of boats and gondola navigate the grand canal.

It had been many years since their divorce and here they were face to face again. Venice held happy memories of times together on their honeymoon.

He looked at her, just as he had when they were young, a longing in his clear blue eyes. Gone was his brown hair, the man was no longer the slim guy she had once loved. She too had changed. She still had blonde hair, but that came out of a bottle now. She wasn’t quite as lithe and laughter lines and crow’s feet bedecked her face.

They laughed about old times.

“Did you marry again, after?” he asked nervously.

“Yes, I’m Mrs Judkins now” she replied.

“Oh, is your husband with you?” he responded, cautiously.

“No, he died two years ago.”

“You know, I never stopped loving you?” he said boldly.

“Really?” she said, moving closer.

“I can’t justify what I did, the affair I mean. You remember what happened?”

She smiled, in a winsome manner, then pushed him over the stone railing into the canal below.

“How could I forget?” Mrs Judkins said.

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A Frisson from the past – Part one.

Some of you may be aware that I recently took a trip down to Devon and while there visited the home of one of my literary heroes, Agatha Christie. It was such a thrill to see her house and it really felt that she was still there, maybe just popped out to get a pint of milk. Inspired by my trip I wanted to write a story based on one of the minor characters that she’d written. So here is my attempt:IMG_4417.JPG

Miss Felicity Lemon sat at the desk in her study, the morning light streaming through the window, and did what she always did at that point of the day, she made a list. Always methodical, she sat down every morning and made a list of the all the tasks she intended to do. She left out the mundane things, like washing, attending to her hair and breakfast, but listed all the other tasks in a systematic and thorough manner. An early riser, she always wrote her morning correspondence first thing, so that she could ensure her letters went off in the morning post. It was too early for most people to make her necessary telephone calls, people seemed to be quite upset if you rang before 9am.

As she wrote, her eye fell on a silver-framed picture that had pride of place on her desk. It was a picture of her one of her former employers, Monsieur Hercule Poirot. Of all her employers, he had been the most satisfactory. He had a sense of order and method that matched hers, and a sense of decorum that sadly was lacking generally nowadays. Looking back on those days as his secretary, she remembered him fondly. He had been a great man, a private detective and though very famous in his day, now seemed to be almost forgotten. She considered it strange that when the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, still loomed large in peoples mind the greatest detective, M. Poirot, had sadly diminished. Lacking any British sense of modesty, he would have vehemently agreed with her view, but despite his ego, he was undoubtedly the best. Not without acrimony, she considered it a shame that he no longer had the fame he so deserved.

She had a frisson of emotion, remembering those times when she had helped her employer solve a gruesome murder. She would never have admitted it to anyone, but underneath her calm and ordered manner, she had enjoyed working on those cases. Each one, like a jigsaw puzzle or a crossword, so impossible at first, but as you slowly slotted things into place, the solution became clear. She’d never murmur the phrase, ‘little grey cells’ but she had used her own methods and often had guided her employer to the right conclusion. Not that he ever really knew she had. She was always discreet. Oh, how she sometimes longed for something like that to happen, just like the old days. Her life had become so humdrum, and while she looked very much like the person who preferred life to be dull, predictable and humdrum, and she would never be one to actively court adventure, she did enjoy it when life brought something to her door.

She finished her last letter, a complaint to the laundry who had taken to using far too much starch on her collars and having stamped and addressed the envelope she stood and walked towards the front door. As she did so, she heard a loud scream come from one of the other apartments, followed by a frantic ringing of her own doorbell.

No English person ever rang a doorbell in that persistent and demanding manner, foreigners often did but only in a state of pure desperation would an English person ever hold down the doorbell for longer than two seconds.

Opening the door, Miss Lemon was surprised to see a young woman standing there, her long brown hair dishevelled and looking quite pale and distraught.

“Oh, please help, there’s been a murder!” the woman said.

To be Continued…..


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50 Words Thursday – The Tides of Fate.

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And the Words: “Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul;” – Moby Dick by Herman Melville.



Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul, I recall those lonely wharves of my youth, where I fell and awoke to the life I now have.

I spent my young days drinking and carousing about the docks. Watching ships but never knowing they would be my destiny.

I was accustomed to those cobblestone streets, the cats that dwelt in alleys ready to take their pick of the catch of fish. I knew those cats well; in many ways, I was one of them.

When I was heavy in drink, I would sleep it off in one of those alleys, the cats would be my company.

One day I awoke to discover the error of my ways. I was in the belly of one of those wooden vessels bound for the open ocean.

It didn’t take me long to discover the nature of those Seadogs who had waylaid me. Lawlessness was in my nature and I recognised my kin in those woebegotten reprobates. I wasn’t going to jeopardise my life by fighting the circumstances I’d found myself in.

I embraced the life and made my debut as a pirate.

[200 Words]

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 24th September 2019.


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Twittering Tales: The Legacy


Photo by Tama66 at Pixabay.com


When Grandad died, he left a note and a key.

It said, “In my trunk in the attic is the world greatest treasure.”

They wondered, Is it a load of cash or some arcane knowledge?

When they opened it, inside was only a clock, a subtle message to enjoy life while they can as time flies.

[279 Characters]


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Twittering Tales #154 – 17 September 2019


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50 Word Thursday – Missing the Point


And the words:

“I gasp and jerk my hand back, but it’s too late.” – The Archived – Victoria Schwab


The train wove its way through the jungle and native habitat, a popular tourist attraction. The train climbed through the canopy and suddenly there was a breath-taking view across the lush vegetation. I got out my phone and took a picture but it doesn’t do the scenery justice. You just can’t duplicate the beauty of nature. As the train gathered speed back downhill, I decided to try to take a picture of the train itself. I reach out, arm extended and then I gasp and jerk my hand back, but it’s too late. My phone was gone, knocked away by something unseen in the dense jungle. I’d forgotten the fundamental rule of riding on the train, you must never put your head or arm out of the window.

Then I notice the blood streaming from my wrist and feel the excruciating pain as I realise my hand is missing too.

[150 Words]


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50 Word Thursday #35 – A Fatal Error



And the words:

“Provided she did exactly as instructed, she should be able to get it right.” – Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death – MC Beaton



People often moan they have a stressful job, but Janey’s was particularly tough. She was a bomb disposal officer. In the unlikely event that a bomb was discovered, hers was the number to call. This wasn’t the kind of job that you could dabble at. You had to throw your whole self into it, and she did, literally.

The Call came through that a bomb had been discovered on Main street. As she arrived at the scene, she pulled out her instruction manual and looked up the guidance for this particular model. It was unusual, but one thing was clear, the clock on the front showed ‘50’. Just 50 minutes to diffuse this Bomb. Now that was stress. Provided she did exactly as instructed, she should be able to get it right.

Unfortunately, the clock had been put in the wrong way and 5 minutes was just not enough time.

[150 Words]

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Twittering Tales – Out of Space

Photo by Felipe Ribeiro at Pexels.com

I was gazing at the stars when, like something out of the Twilight Zone, a UFO flashed towards me across the sky. A light beam picked me up as if I weighed less than a pebble and I was on the spaceship looking down at Earth.

“You’re our Slave now,” said a voice from the dark.


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Twittering Tales #150 – 20 August 2019


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50 Word Thursday – Off to see the Wizard.

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And the words:

“David knocked on the door that the wizard had returned to its original dilapidated but one piece style,” – Shadow Pack – Marc Daniel


It was with some trepidation that he’d gone to visit the wizard. Of course, he was sceptical, A Wizard? Come on! All the same though, when the man, draped in robes of black satin with gold and silver symbols over it, opened the door and gave a beckoning gesture, David’s heart began to beat faster.

Inside the room, there was another door inside, a plain, rather drab, door, but as he stared at it, the wizard began to agitate his arms and it was replaced by grand bronze doors that swung open to display a throne room inside.

David was aghast, it seemed that contentious though it was, this man was the real deal. A Wizard! The man waved his arms once more and all was as it was.

David knocked on the door that the wizard had returned to its original dilapidated but one-piece style, and this door swung open to display a plain small room, windowless and uninviting. David stepped in and before he could turn around, the metal door slammed shut, with a ringing sound that echoed in that empty cell.

David frantically banged on the door and screamed but no one came. No one ever came.

[200 Words]


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Twittering Tales – A Dangerous Lady

Photo by Wal_172619 @ picabay.com

The lady stepped out of her spacious hotel and hailed a cab. Instantly they lined up for her custom.  People called her Aphrodite. She always appeared kind but she was on the prowl for someone to manipulate. Who shall it be this time, a Chief Exec or maybe a President?

[263 Characters]


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Twittering Tales #149 – 13 August 2019


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50 Word Thursday – The Dearly Departed


And the words:

“Miss Wonderly murmured, “Thank you,” softly as before and sat down on the edge of the chair’s wooden seat.” – The Maltese Falcon – Dashiell Hammett.


Her mother had been one of those forthright people who had dominated every conversation with her authority. She always gave her opinion, whether asked for or not and seemed to take pleasure in causing upset and distress to everyone. “Don’t you think, dear, you don’t have the figure for satin?” she would say and revel as she reduced her victim to a self-conscious wreck.

She would bully anyone who was unfortunate enough to cross paths with her, even her doctors in the hospital were terrified of her, right up until her final illness. She fought them until her last breath.

She’d also planned her funeral to the last detail, which hymns were to be played, what people were allowed to wear, no bright colours, she’d stipulated Black only. She was not one of those modern ladies who specified “No flowers, donations to charity only”, she wanted Carnations and roses, no chrysanthemums, she’d detested those.

“It was karma really”, Miss Wonderly said to herself as she looked around the spacious and empty hall.

The Vicar cleared his throat and gently asked: “Would you like me to hold on a moment longer?”

She was a gentle lady who’d looked after her mother tirelessly and with patience for years, but who knew the truth.

“No, thank you, vicar. You may as well start the service. No one else is coming.” She replied very softly.

Miss Wonderly murmured, “Thank you,” softly as before and sat down on the edge of the chair’s wooden seat.

[250 Words]


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FOWC with Fandango — Authority