50 Word Thursday – The Garden of Solace.


The words: “He hoped that by remaining where he was, he might do some good, even there.” – Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

The Garden of Solace

The little row of houses, each one a match of the one next to it, looked so tranquil and idyllic, yet they hid a dark secret.

Walking the path through beautiful gardens, you couldn’t hear a noise, except for the peaceful buzzing of bees and some birdsong, yet deep beneath the buildings people would writhe in torment and screamed out in agony as they received electrotherapy.

He tried his best to bring comfort to the patients while the doctors used medieval methods to heal their sick minds. He thought many times of leaving, to work in less traumatic conditions but he hoped that by remaining where he was, he might do some good even there.

He extinguished his cigarette by grinding it into the chalk path with the heel of his boot and returned to his job tending those tranquil gardens and gathering bouquets of flowers to soothe damaged souls.

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 Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 06/July/2019


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The Three TV Shows that I watch when I have Flu (or just sick).

OK I was tagged by Guy called bloke to share the three tv shows I like to watch when I am ill. See post below:

The tv-shows to watch when you have a flu

Right, well you may or may not be aware that I like old stuff and my choice of TV shows I watch are very much in that vein.

My number one go to TV show to watch when I am ill is a TV show that actually aired for the first time before I was born. I own it on DVD and watch it regularly. It goes on for several hours and so I know if I don’t feel better by the time I get to the end of it I should probably see the doctor.

This is a TV programme called “I Claudius”.


It is a BBC adaptation of a book written by Robert Graves about the Roman Emperor Claudius and his family, from Emperor Augustus through Tiberius and Caligula to Claudius’ reign.

The Second TV show I find compelling viewing, particularly when I’m not well, is another BBC TV programmed that first aired before I was born.

It is called “The Good Life”

Again, I have the series on DVD.

Finally, the third TV show I love to watch when not well is another BBC production, but made during my lifetime, and that is the Miss Marple series starring Joan Hickson as Miss Marple.


So there you go. If you wanted something more up to date, then you’ve asked the wrong person.