SMILE – Even though you don’t feel like it sometimes.

Right now, I’m feeling a bit fed up and I have a sore and swollen eye, but at times like this, I remember this song by Nat King Cole. So I thought I’d sing it too and share it with you, in the hope it makes you Smile. 🙂



Oh, and happy Mother‘s Day too. 🙂



A Smile in a Foreign Land – A Multiple Word Prompt Poem

This poem was written in response to the following word prompts:

FOWC with Fandango — Abroad



A Smile in a Foreign Land

If you want my opinion,

here is my narrative,

some things seem quite foreign,

but it’s only comparative.

When travelling abroad,

what seems strange at first glance

becomes far more familiar

if you just take a chance.

So keep an open, clear mind

when exploring the new

and then you will find

a different point of view.

So, if your tingling nerves start

when experiencing new places,

where your fears stalk your heart

in crowds of strange faces,

though people may be different in fashion and style,

it won’t feel quite so foreign

if you remember to smile.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 19/May/2019





Moulting Chicken with added decorations.

This is me with one of my Chickens, who we called Queen Mab, or Queenie for short.

She was in the middle of a moult, where they lose feathers and regrow them slowly.

At one point they tend to look a bit porcupinish.

We took this photo of Queenie when she decided to come into say hello when the back door was open. She was one of the friendliest hens I have had. We decided for a laugh to put a little knitted hat and some wooly christmas decorations on her, just for the camera. She didn’t seem to mind.

She was a very nice hen.

via Photo Challenge: Smile

Life’s best Talisman

My Grandmother gave me a gift. 

“A good luck charm that will see you through life” She said.

“It will help people to like you, to trust you and to care about you.

It will open doors for you and it will make your path just that little bit easier.”

It is the best Talisman that anyone could have. Better than an amulet worn around the neck.

Better than a rabbits foot, that surely would have been better off on the rabbit.

My mother always said to me, “you have your grandmothers smile.” 

A smile is the most powerful talisman you can wear.

Wear it always and wear it well. 


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 22/March/2018

via Daily Prompt: Talisman