321 Quote Challenge – A Smorgasbord

I have been nominated for this challenge by Laurie at Meditations in Motion.

Check out her inspiring blog and read her post below:


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321 Quote Me

Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

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Topic For Today: ”Wise Old Sayings”


  • So Firstly, Thank you very much Laurie for nominating me for this fun challenge.


  • Secondly I would like to add that Wise Sayings are a bit like a Smorgasbord. There is so much great and inspiring stuff out there, but it what you choose to take from it that counts. Image result for smorgasbord

You can quote me on that.

Other quotes:

  • One head cannot hold all wisdom.      – Unknown


  • Plan your life like you will live forever, and live your life like you will die the next day.      – Unknown.

Image result for a fool will learn nothing from a wise man but a wise man will learn much from a fool

I would like to nominate anyone who would like to have a go at this. If you have an old saying, perhaps one that your Granny used to say, please either post about it or share it in the comments below.

Have a nice Day. 🙂 



A moment of humour


This is a semi-true story, but names have all been changed.

There was a large group of us gathered in the student bar (this tells you how long ago it was, my student days are a dim and distant dream, or nightmare) it was a good mix of people on the same course as I was and also a few house mates. There was a roughly even split of guys and gals.

I remember I was drinking beer, Double Dragon ale, made by a local Welsh brewery.

We were just chatting about random stuff, as you do, nothing too political, although I think someone did mention tuition fees.

Then one of the couples at the table were having a banter. Tom and Polly had only been going out with each other a week and it was widely known that they had not moved on to anything physical. At least not by this point. I can’t remember who started the conversation, but Polly then provocatively said to Tom, loudly for us all to hear.

“Oh I suppose I’ll lay back and let you use me then.”

And I don’t know what made me say it or what happened to my usual mental brake that should have kicked in and stopped me.

I just said “What as? A Smorgasbord?”

Tom and Polly went red with embarrassment, but not so much from what I had said, but from the fact that everyone in the pub, except them, were laughing hysterically.

They forgave me though. I was invited to their wedding two years later.

So all’s well that ends well.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 13/June/2018