50 Word Thursday #59 – To face his fears.


And the words: “At that moment, it seemed to him that time stood still, and the Soul of the World surged within him.” – Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist.


His social anxiety and fear of public speaking had seriously held him back in his studies but now he had psyched himself up and he was ready to go. His heart beat fast inside his chest, as though he had just finished an endurance test. He could track the roots of his phobia back to his childhood but now after an intense course of cognitive behavioural therapy and some hypnosis, he was ready to deliver his dissertation speech to the whole class. At that moment, it seemed to him that time stood still, and the Soul of the World surged within him

The light from the projector shone in his eyes, making the room seem just a dark blur. He heard someone cough at the back of the room, but otherwise, he could have been alone.

One last deep breath and he launched into his speech, punctuated by graphs and diagrams projected onto the screen.

When he finished, he switched off the projector and turned the lights on.

Apart from three workmen at the back of the room, eating their lunch, the room was deserted.

Then from the corridor outside, he heard applause as his lecturer and classmates cheered him.

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321 Quote Me – “Expression”

Well that great Guy Called Bloke has nominated me to take part in this 321 challenge.

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Topic For Today: ”Expression”

I have been cursed with one of those ‘tell all’ faces. I can’t play poker and I certainly can’t hide what I am thinking and feeling inside. I wish I could have a face that showed less expression but I’m afraid I am stuck with it. Maybe the wind changed?

Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Expression is quite a popularly discussed subject. It is often the excuse used by racists for expressing their hateful views and expecting their victims to ‘suck it up’. Freedom of expression cannot and should not apply to Hateful people who wish to incite further hatred.

But this guy (below) does have a point.


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Have a think for a moment. We all have views and opinions and that is all well and good, but do you respect and accept other people have different views to yours? Are you happy with them expressing them?

Do you have friends who vote for a different party? Or hold a very different view with regards to other issues of the day? We should be able to accept and respect others and have friends we can have an open and friendly discussion with. If you answered those questions as NO, then maybe you need to consider the fact that YOU do not believe in Freedom of Expression at all, unless it’s yours…..

I’m being rather controversial, aren’t I?

Well maybe you’d like this quote better:

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