50 Word Thursday – The Judgement of Sphinxes.


They sat in a line, glaring down at their audience with a fierce intensity.

The line of Sphinxes were all male. They were remnants of Ancient Egypt and all Egyptian Sphinxes were male. In Persia, Babylon and Greece, their Sphinxes were all female. That was a puzzle in itself why that was so.

Everyone said that Sphinxes were wise and gave good advice, but it was difficult, on the whole, to know how reliable they might be.

“Oh, Great Masters, what can I do to achieve greatness in your eyes” he called out and waited for their judgement.

“Khufu, you must build us a great Pyramid in tribute to our glory, then you will be remembered eternally.”

Khufu carried out their bidding, gathering together thousands of slaves, he built an enormous Pyramid with a huge chamber in which he had the Sphinxes moved to.

“Thus, I have done as you asked and built you a great Pyramid in your honour.”

Then he had the chamber sealed tightly,  locking away the Sphinx overlords so that no one remembered they once ruled over the land of Egypt and Khufu’s name became forever immortalised as one of the greatest pharaohs who ever lived.

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Serene in the Sands of Time – The Riddle of the Sphinx.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One of the most majestic riddles in our world is the Riddle of the Sphinx. She lays there, partially buried, serene in the sand. How old is she? Why was she built? Does she guard the pyramids, or does she predate them? Was she constructed by a powerful pharaoh with the face of his favourite partner and built by an army of underdog slaves? Or was she placed there by some mysterious alien race to kick-start a civilisation on earth? Many stories have been written, but none have come close to the truth. It is a riddle that will never be solved unless scientists bypass the universal laws of physics and invent some kind of time travel device. Some wonders are not meant to be understood, only enjoyed.

 majestic, serene, universal