A Spooky Valentines – A macabre poem for A Guy Called Bloke’s Challenge.


Well, As it’s nearly halloween, I thought I would flick through my notebook to find a post from yesteryear to share with you and I found this poem that I wrote in response to a challenge set by that fantastic blogger, A Guy Called Bloke. It’s sort of appropriate for Valentines day or for Halloween… Enjoy:

Well it may be far too late now, but A Guy Called Bloke set a challenge to write a horror story (or Poem) including the following items:

Spooky Card

Rotten Heart

Carnivorous Chocolate Box

Haunted Balloons

Romantic Massacre

Voodoo Dolly

Undead Partner

Devilish Desire

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So here is my attempt.

A spooky card came through the door,

I opened it up and nearly swore,

It was from a man I’d thought was dead.

He should have been, I’d chopped off his head.

My undead partner will turn me insane,

It seemed he’d risen up once again,

I thought I’d driven him away.

But now he’s back on Valentine’s Day!

This time I’ll extract his rotten heart,

A romantic massacre to tear him apart,

Or else I’ll use my voodoo doll,

Or haunted balloons, I’m on a roll.

Or how about a carnivorous chocolate box?

Of failing that a dose of chicken pox?

No, I’ll overindulge my devilish desire,

And burn him satanically on the fire.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 15/February/2019



A new collaboration with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess – Halloween Special

selective focus photo of cemetery lantern
Photo by Micael Widell on Pexels.com

I have collaborated with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess on two poems so far:

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2. The Creation (about the Creative writing process)

A Collaboration By Beckie of “Beckie’s Mental Mess” and Kristian of “Tales From The Mind of Kristian” ~ The Creation ~ The Final Piece

3. On Travelling:



This one is about Halloween.


It seemed like such a playful lark, 

to sleep in the graveyard, after dark……


Beckie’s bit:

Though second guesses and question-marks

played inside my mind, I heard a mean dog bark.


My response:

This had all be done for a wicked bet,

I saw no harm at first, and yet…


Beckie’s response:
Surrounded by death, what could be a threat?
However, I was anxious and began to fret.


My bit:

I regretted it already, in perfect hindsight,

after all, it was eerily dark that Halloween night. 


Beckie’s Part:

I brought my lantern for a little bit of light,

unfortunately for me, the light played tricks with my sight.


My response:

Did I see, in the shadows, a skeletal hand?

And other tormented shapes, I could scarcely understand. 


Beckie’s bit:

With little light, my eyes squinted as I scanned,

tombstones and mausoleums that tip, and could barely stand.


and from me:

And then as the ancient clock struck the witching hour

the wind blew cold and the earthly scents turned sour. 


Beckie’s Bit:

The ground began to shake, with such force and power,

gravestones cracked knocking over the vases of flowers.


My Bit:

I let out a scream, feeling full of fear and dread,

as from their broken granite graves rose up the dead.


Beckie’s Bit:

What started as a playful lark, I was riddled with fear instead,

Mausoleum doors screeched open, a body appeared with no head.


My Bit:

An eerie light descended looking greenish in the fog, 

Then a piercing, ghoulish howl, was it a banshee or just a dog?


Beckie’s Bit:

Sounds of the ghoulish howling grew closer, I hid behind a log,

as the scent of rotten eggs drifted through the thick smog.


My addition:

And cowering from my hiding place, I took a glimpse and saw, 

A thousand zombie bodies gathered armed, as if for war. 


Beckie’s Bit:

How were they to gnaw,  if they had been missing a jaw?

Thoughts raced, the fear shook me to my very core.


My Bit:

As I huddled down in shadows and held my living breath, 

I could see the guts and gory corpses and smell the scent of death. 


Beckie’s Bit:

I heard them drag their corpses, did they die of black death?

Or, was it rotting flesh of an overdosed victim on meth?


My addition:

As they slowly stumbled nearer, I tried to sneak away

Then something icy fell against my arm, right there where I lay. 


Beckie’s new bit:

One of the undead’s arms held me down, it was greenish-grey,

I felt his mouth touch my arse, I think it thought I was a buffet.


My Addition:

I jumped and screamed out loud, my backside wracked with pains, 

The zombie horde came towards me, mumbling about my Brains!”


Beckie’s Bit:

The zombies smelled blood pumping through my veins,

I tried to escape the graveyard, but the gate was locked by chains.


My new bit:

Frantically I ran around, jumping over abandoned graves,

trying hard to get away from those hungry zombie slaves.


Beckie’s Bit:

Terror gripped me, fears of my own demise came to me in waves,

as the zombies grew closer, I reached for my switchblade.


My addition:

Turning around to face them, in the darkness I heard my screams, 

Then I felt my panic lift like waking from unpleasant dreams. 


Beckie’s turn:

Several distorted zombies face shown from the moonbeams,

one of them finally reached me and ripped the seams on my jeans.


My new bit:


And though exposed I saw my flesh had turned to grey,

No pain, no fear, no longer did I feel, my cares had gone away,


Becks Bit:

I was the zombie’s quest, after all, they had captured their prey,

I felt my body tense then ooze, it was evident… I began to decay.


My new bit:

Then I felt a pang of hunger, one that I could never stem,

A thought when through my head, I was becoming one of them.


Beck’s new addition:

I thought of the bet and wager made between my friends,

It would be morning soon enough, I’d chew on them like gum.


My bit:

But then the rising sun shone brightly in my swollen eyes, 

and my groaning zombie brothers crawled back into their tombs, with sighs. 


and the spooky last lines:


And joining them under the graveyard’s ground, this brand new zombie lies,

waiting to rise again next Halloween, as a Zombie never dies. 




A new collaboration with Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess and Kristian of Tales From The Mind of Kristian– Halloween Special