Some Pictures of Spring flowers

Many of you will know that Spring is my favourite time of year and I promised to share some pictures of my garden and here they are. I hope you enjoy them.


Song Lyric Sunday: A glimpse of heaven.

The Challenge set by Jim Adams in his post linked below, is to find a song lyric that has something to do with a prompt. This week we have bouncing related prompts of Hop/Jump/Leap/Pounce/Spring

I thought of this song, that was written in 1971.

Strawbs – A glimpse of heaven

The hillside was a patchwork quilt
Neatly stitched with tidy hedge
And crumbling grey stone wall
The trees were bare, but Spring was near
To conjure up its endless strings
Of green magic handkerchieves

Could you only see what I’ve seen
You would surely know what I mean
I think I must have caught a glimpse of heaven.

A string of diamonds formed a stream
That tumbled down the daunting cliff
To sparkle bright on the beach.

New born lambs that sweetly played
Speckled eggs all newly laid
But for you I would have stayed
I think I must have caught a glimpse of heaven.

The Ragtag daily prompt it Lamb, so it also is included in this song.

Spring is my favourite season and So I also wanted to share this song.

I'm as restless as a willow in a windstorm
I'm as jumpy as a puppet on a string
I'd say that I had Spring fever
But I know it isn't Spring

I am starry-eyed and vaguely discontented
Like a nightingale without a song to sing
Oh, why should I have Spring fever
When it isn't even Spring?

I keep wishing I were somewhere else
Walking down a strange new street
Hearing words that I have never heard
From a girl I've yet to meet

I'm as busy as a spider spinning daydreams
I'm as giddy as a baby on a swing
I haven't seen a crocus or a rosebud or a robin on the wing
But I feel so gay in a melancholy way
That it might as well be Spring

It might as well be Spring

Easter’s Birth – Kira’s Sunday Scribbles



This poem was written in response to this picture from Kira’s Sunday Scribbles.

See the link below:


As winter finally passes

In one last final flurry,

The season we’re all yearning for,

Comes running in a hurry,

To catch up for lost time,

Spreading greenery with a fling

And in the spirit of its rebirth

The trees start their blossoming.


I have also used the following word prompts:

FOWC with Fandango — Hurry

Nature’s Lessons – A poem


From the iridescence of a butterflies’ wing

To the Magic of life at its beginning

trees spreading their pretty blossom in spring

and the many joys that natures hand doth fling

All make a case that is most compelling,

The world contains many wonders worth knowing

There is never any end to life’s learning.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 02/March/2019

FOWC with Fandango — Case



Happy Saint David’s Day


It’s the first of March and in the UK that means it is St. Davids Day, the patron saint of Wales, which is represented by the Daffodil.

In some years Spring is late so there are no daffodils growing in the garden at this time of year, although the supermarkets are always full of them, grown under cover possibly in Holland where a lot of our cut flowers come from.

This year we have just had a warm spell (temperatures even reached 20 degrees Celsius in Aberystwyth, my University town where the middle photo was taken) and so the Daffs are out!


Have a nice day.


50 Word Thursdays – Spring Comes

“The colours of the world are changing, day by day.” Les Miserables.

This story was written for the 50 Word Thursday challenge, this week hosted by Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith:

I have also included Teresa’s Three Things Challenge, the Prompt words today are:

 ice, bloody, spectacles


Are you an optimist? Do you go through the world wearing rose-coloured spectacles? Or do you see through grim eyes, battered down and bombarded with news painting everything black, focusing on all that’s bad in the world?

Life is never all bad or good. It changes all the time. The colours of the world are changing, day by day.

Just when you think the ice will never melt, when the world has turned to a bloody mess, spring comes.

Daffodils, crocuses and Tulips bloom again to remind us that in the midst of the darkest days, the light will return.



Winters Last Hurrah – A comic poem.


I switch on the Television

To see what the forecast has in store.

There’s another blasted hurricane,

Headed straight towards the shore!

Well, it’s better than that blizzard

That hit all of us last week,

I feel at the moment were all in

Some long unlucky streak.

It started cold and icy

And I thought that’s a bad as it would get,

But now the weather’s decided

To Combine both cold and wet.

The weather seems determined

To punish humankind,

I know we deserve it, but

I hope that we will find,

That this is winters last hurrah

It’s one full and final fling,

And in a week, or two or three,

There’ll come a marvellous, joyous, Spring.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 25/January/2019

FOWC with Fandango — Determined


A Spectre of a bygone Spring – A poem and some photos of Spring in Aberystwyth 2008

A Spectre of a bygone Spring, 

recalls the splendour of times gone by

Though time can steal almost everything,

the Joy of past memories will never die.




Multiple Word Prompt Poem – An Autumn Reminisce.


This Poem was inspired by the following word prompts:

I would also like to say Hi, to my good friend A Guy Called Bloke, who doesn’t like to miss anything. See his post and leave him a greeting. 🙂

Here’s a thing ………


An Autumn Reminisce

The Autumn’s here,

 and while I fear

that summer’s gone away.

I admit to liking

The cooler nights

But not the skies, so grey.

I enjoy a stroll

In woods or on a knoll,

Admiring foliage turning red.

And gazing up, on clear nights

At Scintillating stars


And While I mourn the green

And the joys the flowers bring

I know that not too long

They’ll make a comeback in the spring.

astronomy astrophotography constellation dark
Photo by Delcho Dichev on


More Garden Pictures – Late Spring

I have just learnt how to post multiple pictures in one Post and so here are a few more pictures taken of my garden. These ones were taken in April in the very late spring we had. Normally spring gradually builds up at the end of February and by mid March has properly arrived however this year we actually got two bouts of snow (very rare) in early and late March so that Spring didn’t really get going until April and then it was quite cold. I miss it now. We have had two weeks of day temperatures up to the high 20’s Centigrade and we haven’t had any rain for 5 weeks. I look back on April with fond memories.


This was my Broom in full flower. It looks like one of my hens, Angelica, has photobombed this one 😉 IMG_0843

This is one of my favourite garden plants. It used to be called Dicentra but they changed it’s botanic name, I call it bleeding hearts because of its really unusual flowers.


My Rosemary in full bloom provided early nectar for the bees.


My Magnolia is full swing. Every year it takes my breath away.


These tiny little daffodils are called Martinet and they are scented too. I love daffodils.

I hope you like these pictures.