Wilfull Neglect – A Poem of Oblivious Joy.

I am in my bubble

and all is right with the world

I don’t see that woman

begging with her hands out-held


I don’t see the children

running barefoot through the mud

or the beaten donkeys

coloured red with their own blood


I don’t watch the adverts

on the television screen

So I don’t see the suffering 

thousands in our world so green.


I refuse to watch the news

Its grim and dark despairing

I haven’t seen world leaders

with their faces so uncaring.


I don’t answer the door

when charities come knocking

So I am not aware of

the plight that’s oh so Shocking

of the leopards, lions,

tigers, bears and the need for water

the starving, dying millions,

someones beloved son or daughter.


I am happy dreaming here

All content and full of mirth

I am in my bubble

I see no problems on this Earth. 


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 06/May/2018




via Daily Prompt: Bubble