I’ve reached 1000 followers!!! THANK YOU.

1,000 Follows!

Congratulations on getting 1,000 total follows on Tales from the mind of Kristian!
Your current tally is 1,001.
I am so excited that I have now reached/exceeded 1000 followers!
I have been blogging now since the 7th of March 2018, so well over a year, but I had no blogging experience before then and had no expectations. I just wanted to write stories and poetry and have somewhere to put them. With those low expectations in mind, I did not expect to make so many wonderful blogging friends, to meet so many excellent writers and poets and to thoroughly enjoy my blogging experience.
To have achieved 1000 followers, I am thrilled!
I would like to give a HUGE thank you.


Thanks, to all my followers and my regular readers and commenters. I would have given up blogging ages ago without your support and encouragement.







Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

Well, I didn’t expect that one!

Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith has kindly nominated me for this award.

Please check out her post here:


Thanks, Teresa, I appreciate that very much.

If you are not aware of The Haunted Wordsmith Blog, then you will want to check it out. Teresa writes some great stories and also hosts some really imaginative challenges. I particularly like her Genre Challenge, every day a new genre.


  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.
  4. Answer the 5 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  5. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  6. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  7. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people.
  8. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  9. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify).
  10. Share a link to your best post(s).

So? What is the Mystery Award?

“Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.
Okoto Enigma

Three Things about Me

  1. One of my favourite places is the Isle of Wight.
  2. I have never been to the Continents of North or South America
  3. I grow my own fruit and Vegetables.

The Questions

  1. What are your plans for this fine spring weekend?
  2. What kind of museum would you create if you could (what would you put in it)?
  3. What is something best served cold?
  4. What can always bring you out of a slump?
  5. What recently read book do you think everyone should read?

My Answers:

  1. I am busy. Saturday, I will be catching up with my Mum who recently had a hospital procedure and Sunday I am going to watch a Classical music concert in London.
  2. I would like to create a museum that includes everything I am interested in. It would have a section about History, another section about art and literature, a Section about Geology and finally one about plants, including a garden. It would also have to have a great Tea room which served tea and cake.
  3. Salad, Ice Cream, Revenge, Ice…
  4. A nice cup of tea and a piece of cake. Also A long soak in the bath and a great old movie.
  5. I have always loved the Alchemist and its message of making sure you focus on your dream and follow wherever it takes you.


My Nominees:

Melanie B Cee of Sparks from a Combustible Mind


Beckie of Beckies Mental Mess

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The Bag Lady

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Carol Anne of Therapy Bits

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SanaH of A Pause for Nature


Laura Venturini

Dark Poetry

JP the Wide-eyed wanderer


and Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table



My Questions to You.


  1. If you could meet any fictional character from literature which one would it be and why?
  2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you choose, if anything?
  3. Do you prefer Romance in your comedy or Comedy in your Romance, or should the two stay wide apart?
  4. You are invited to a fancy dress party, What do you decide to go dressed as?
  5. What have you recently learned that you wish you’d known a lot earlier?


Have fun. I hope you enjoyed that. If you like the questions, please feel free to answer them in the comments if you like.




Eleven months ago to this very day I started out on a journey.

I have always enjoyed writing but had never shared my writing with anyone in particular. I wasn’t ashamed of it, I just never believed anyone would be interested.

I have never been particularly into modern technology. I don’t walk around glued to my mobile phone. It doesn’t even connect to the internet!

If someone had told me a year ago that I was going to embark on this amazing voyage of discovery and construct my own blog, I would have laughed in their face.

If someone had told me that I would manufacture a blog and then still be going after eleven months, I would have thought they were insane.

This can’t really be happening? This can’t be me?

It is a revelation.

I have created 1,240 posts (this will be 1241!)

Written 369,840 words.

Received 23,246 Likes.

and gained 711 followers.

I can’t believe it! I can’t believe that I have done this.

I wish to thank everyone who has read one of my posts and liked it for giving me the confidence and encouragement to keep me blogging.

Thank you to every one of my followers. I hope you still enjoy what I write and continue to do so.

Going forward, are there any requests for a story you would like me to write? Please leave suggestions in the comment.

Have a nice day. 🙂






FOWC with Fandango — Construct






RAKA Award Nomination


I have been nominated for the RAKA. That is the Random Acts of Kindness Award.

I was nominated by the awards creator, Mws R, please check out the post here:


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 

Here are the Rules:

  1. Copy picture for the award,
  2. Make an acknowledgement to the person who nominated you.
  3. Write a paragraph or bigger to explain an act of random kindness, you have witnessed, done, or received.
  4. Tag and nominate others
  5. Make sure to tell those who have nominated, that you did.
  6. You can post pictures of random acts of kindness even if you do not want to write anything,
    Thanks for participating and making this world a better and thankful place.
red stop sign
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I do virtually everything randomly, I don’t plan or plot anything I create out in advance. I live my life in much the same random way. So all my acts of kindness are random.

I live on a tree-lined avenue, in a neighbourhood where people nod and smile to each other, but we do not get to know one another. However, the other day I noticed a lady I had seen on the bus walking towards town. I was driving to the train station and the bus hadn’t turned up that morning which is why I was driving, and I guessed that was why the lady was walking. I pulled over and offered her a lift, which she accepted. Now I have given her a lift a few times and once I was walking into town and her husband pulled over and gave me a lift. It’s nice when you do a good turn for someone and it ends up coming back to you. That’s the balance of Karma I suppose.

rock balancing
Photo by Pille Kirsi on Pexels.com
buildings city clock downtown
Photo by Dom J on Pexels.com

Another time I was waiting at the train station and the train I normally catch was delayed. There were a few people standing around a looking stressed. On the platform I wait at, they run trains to two destinations and I saw that the notice board showed that the next one wasn’t mine. There was a man in a suit standing next to me talking on his phone having an animated conversation and avoiding eye contact with me. Just then, they made an announcement that the next train would pull in on the opposite platform. The notice board did not update. I thought that this man may want that train and I tried to get his attention by looking, smiling, waving, all the time inviting them to look over,  but all the time he kept talking and ignoring me. It turned out he did want that train, and he missed it. He stormed off still talking on the phone. I tried to do him a good turn, but he wasn’t having any of it. This is a true story, but it is also a good analogy, sometimes we go through life unaware that all around us are people trying to help. Try to remember that when you are caught up in your worries. Most of us care and most of us want to help.


My Nominations:

A Guy Called Bloke

Congratulations …

The Britchy One

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Becky of Becky’s Mental Mess

😘 January 29, 2019: Quote of The Day & My Thoughts

Dee Kelly of Thriving not Surviving

Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears


Stuart L Tutt of Something to Stu Over.



No obligation to accept the award or take part if you don’t want to, I’m just wishing you all the best.

And A big thank you to Msw R for thinking of me. Please go and check out her blog and say Hi from me.





FOWC with Fandango — Tree






Manic Monday’s 3 Way Prompt – Rejoice and Alleluia – A Poem


word prompt is:  Rejoice

This short story was written in response to Laura M Baileys Manic Monday prompt:


If you’d like to read the story I wrote for last weeks challenge, Click on the link below:


Rejoice and Alleluia.

Let’s have a big parade,

A Royal cavalcade,

Of marching bands

And swaying hands,

And banners that we’ve made.


And giant puppet goons,

Characters from old cartoons,

That dance and sway,

In a funny way,

And sing some favourite tunes.


Let’s rejoice and give a cheer,

and with good wishes, most sincere,

be thankful now,

Alleluia and Wow!

We’ve survived another year!

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 17/December/2018



Liebster Award Nomination

Well I am thrilled and over the moon to have been nominated for this award by https://apausefornature.wordpress.com/author/935sanah/

See the post here: 


Go on and visit, check out the blog and say HI. 

The Rules

  • Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award
  • Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  • Give 11 random thoughts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination
  • Give these blogs 11 questions to answer

Thank you Sanah, I appreciate it very much.

I am assuming that you want me to answer the same questions, as you didn’t post any of your own. Actually, I think that is an excellent idea. It saves time and also they are very good questions, so I am going to do the same.

The Questions:

11 questions

1)What is your biggest pet peeve?

2)Where did you get the name for your blog?

3)If you could change your blogs name, what would it be?

4)What was your favourite show as a kid?

5)Do you have any weird habits?

6)Do you like fall scents/tastes?

7)What is your favourite holiday and why?

8)Do you prefer writing it down or typing it up?

9)Netflix or cable?

10)If money didn’t matter, what would you do with your life?

11)What is your favourite thing about yourself?

My Answers

  1. People not indicating (using turn signals) when driving. It is stupid and arrogant not to tell other people what you are going to do, it is a safety device to help saves lives. Use them!
  2. It just came into my head. 
  3. I wouldn’t, I like the name of my blog.
  4. There were lots of shows that I loved, but one of them was called Catweazle. 

5. Oh lots, too many to tell. One of them is if I see a chair not tucked in under the table, I have to go and tuck it in. Even if I’m in a restaurant. 

6. Autumn has some lovely, earthy scents. I also love the fresh clean smell of Winter. My favourite though is the fresh, green smell of Spring.

7. Easter is my favourite holiday because it is in my favourite season. Usually the weather is starting to brighten up and all the Daffodils are out. 

8. I do a mixture of writing it down and typing straight onto the screen. 

9. I don’t watch much TV. I tend to watch old films on DVD.

10. I would travel, garden, blog and drink lots of tea. So pretty much what I do now.

11. My Imagination or my sense of humour, on or the other, or both. 

11 Things About Me

  1. I love tea.
  2. I would love to have a dog
  3. I have four pet Chickens.
  4. I live in the United Kingdom.
  5. My favourite kind of tree is the English Oak, or Quercus Robur.
  6. I detest the taste and smell of coffee.
  7. I have a major phobia of crowds and crowded places.
  8. Despite being shy, I don’t mind being the Cynosure of all eyes. 
  9. I love Daffodils
  10. I enjoy travelling.
  11. Claude Debussy is one of my favourite composers. 

My Nominees






Solidarity Blogger Award Nomination

Oh what a glorious Sunday, I have been nominated for a new award that I had not heard of before. It is the Solidarity Blogger Award.

Here is what I have seen posted about this award:

What is: Solidarity Blogger Award Nomination

SIWO (Success Inspirers’ World) is an International Friends Blogging Forum. The idea is to encourage team work and to blog together as a community. As an international friends blogging forum, Success Inspirer’s World provides an opportunity that every blogger is looking for – the opportunity to get more exposure and find more followers and readers.

Solidarity blogging is team work. We blog with others as a team. No one fights and wins a war alone. Together we are stronger and better. Together we achieve more. Together we go further. A football match is won when the players fight as a team. This is what Solidarity blogging is all about.

OK, and here’s what I say to that:

I do believe in unity and working together, but I am slightly dismayed at the idea that we are all warriors engaged in some kind of blogging war. If, like me, you are interested in writing creatively, then where is there any conflict? Collaborative working is, however, a great thing to do from time to time. That is why I enjoy taking part in various challenges and I like to engage with and support my fellow bloggers as much as possible.

In the spirit of camaraderie I accept this award, but I eschew the language of football and war, we do not fight, we stand together in peace and mutual creative encouragement.

The Rules:

1. Write a post on your blog thanking the person who nominated you.
2. Paste the award in the post.
3. Provide a link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
4. Tell Success Inspirers’ World, SIWO what you think about solidarity blogging. Is it worthwhile?
5. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and inform them.

I would like to thank Sadje of Keep it Alive for nominating me for this award. I am so grateful and proud to have been considered a Supportive blogger. I would strongly recommend you click on the link below and say Hi. 

Working together can be the most rewarding and mutually beneficial thing that we can do, but I also believe that we can work supportively apart as well. 

My Nominees:

I would like to nominate the following people who have always been supportive and encouraging to me. We have worked together on projects or they have encouraged me with their own challenges. 

I work collaboratively with Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove and Dee Kelly of Thriving not Surviving on the Word of the Day blog and so I would like to nominate both of them for putting up with me. 

Also, I would like to nominate Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith who truly embodies what it means to be a collaborative blogger. She has started so many stories and encouraged others to join in. You truly deserve this nomination and I am sure I will not be the first or only nomination you receive. 


I would also like to nominate Debbie Whittam of Twenty Four who hosts the 50 Word Thursday Challenges of which I am so fond. Thank you Debbie.


Laura M Bailey of All the Shoes I wear also hosts a great challenge, The Manic Monday Challenge and So I would like to nominate you too for this award.


Finally, I would nominate two of my closest blogging pals who I have worked collaboratively with often and who I am so grateful to have met (on the blogosphere).

The Britchy One of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen


Rory, A Guy Called Bloke

Thank You, Happy Sunday and Good Night. 


Nine Monthiversary!!!

Today, Nine months ago, on the 7th of March 2018 I started out on a journey. I had no idea how to blog, I had no idea if it would work out at all.

I had written ‘stuff’ for years. The odd poem, a few short stories, even a fantasy novel. All my material had languished at the bottom of drawers on in abandoned files. I hadn’t shared it with anyone.

Then in January, I was bought a present of a few Creative Writing Lessons as CityLit academy in London. This experienced opened up my mind.

It inspired me to share my work more widely.

I discovered WordPress who made it very easy for someone like me who is a bit of a technophobe, to create a blog.

Here I am Nine Months Later.

I wish to thank every one who has visited my blog, liked my posts and left me helpful and positive comments. I would not still be doing this after Nine months without YOU. THANK YOU.

Photo by Fru00f6ken Fokus on Pexels.com


Followers: 605

Total Views: 33,184

Total Likes: 19,315

Countries who have viewed my blog the most:

  1. United States of America – 14,689
  2. India – 6,439
  3. United Kingdom – 3,341
  4. Canada – 3,032
  5. Australia – 1,021

Those are the top 5, Thank you very much. 🙂 

Total Posts: 1030

Total Words: 329,885

I would like to thank the following bloggers who are my top 5 commenters on my blog:






That’s a bit of a close up!

I would also like to thank the following bloggers who are the most recent followers of my blog:









So thank you and welcome to my blog. I hope you continue to like what I do.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to the follower bloggers who have been following me since March. Thank you for putting up with me. 🙂





I would also like to thank those people who create the various challenges that I take part in on a regular basis.

Laura M Bailey – All the Shoes I wear.


Kat Myrman – Twittering Tales

Debbie Whittam – 50 Word Thursdays


And Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


And the Word Prompts that took over from the Daily Post

Firstly is the one that I collaborate with on, with Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove and Dee Kelly of Thriving not Surviving. That is The Word of the Day.


This also includes Kira’s Sunday Scribbles


The Ragtag Daily Prompt


Fandango’s FOWC 


Sheryl’s Your daily word challenge.


And also all the wonderful challenges that Teresa, the Haunted Wordsmith does:


Well that ended up a bit longer than I thought, but I have a lot of people to thank and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank YOU for reading. 

Thanks for the Chat – The Talkative Tag

I came across this idea when Theresaly520 of the Blog Culture Shocks posted this:


I thought this was such a fantastic idea. If you are not aware of her blog, just pop along and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. 

I followed the Blogging trail along to find that the original creator of this idea was a blog called The Eclectic Contrarian, and the name of the blog is enough to make you want to click and have a look, doesn’t it? Here is the link to the original Talkative Tag post. 


So without further ado and in a spirit of camaraderie

I would like to thank EVERYONE who has left me a comment. I am very grateful to you for taking that time. Time is the enemy when it comes to blogging. Trying to find the time to write, read, like and to comment is quite difficult. 

Here are my Super Commenters. 







These are all great blogs who obviously make the time to comment and so please take the time to visit and say Hi.

What can I say? I am grateful to everyone who takes the time to read what I write, then like and then comment. I really appreciate it. 

I still struggle to get the balance right. That makes me appreciate you even more.