First photos – Delft and The Hague

You may be aware if you follow my blog, that I recently took a trip to Norway. Well I didn’t go straight to Norway, the first port of call was Amsterdam and we decided, rather than wander in Amsterdam where I have already spent some time, we’d visit Delft and The Hague instead.

Here are a few photos.

From here the ship did a ricochet off the Hook of Holland and we ended up in Norway. I will share some of the highlights of the trip with you over this week. 🙂



Picture of the Day – Amsterdam at Night

This is a picture of Amsterdam lit up at night. This was on a very cold January day, temperatures remaining below zero. It was a lovely city with lots of interesting things to do.

My interests are primarily historical and cultural and Amsterday has a great deal to offer in that line. Of course Amsterday is also famous for its red light district and its ‘coffeeshops’ that don’t actually sell coffee (or maybe they do, but that’s not why people go in them). You can take what you want and leave the rest.

Anne Frank’s house is a must see, but very emotional and start very early to avoide the queues. The Rijksmuseum is excellent too, with art by many of the great Dutch artists like Vermeer and Rembrant. Near by is the Van Gogh gallery, also worth seeing. I was never a huge Van Gogh fan but you get a whole new appreciation for him by visiting this gallery.

There are also lots of Gouda shops. If you like cheese, then this is a great city, Cheese is my drug of choice.

I hope you like this picture.