An Unexpected Exposure – A short Story

An Unexpected Exposure

“I know we’ve only known each other a few weeks” Mel said, pausing because of the emotion rising up in him.

Opposite him was Alice, smiling at him and sipping at her strawberry milkshake. Since he first set eyes on her, he struggled to contain the emotions that she made him feel. She was stunningly beautiful with long wavy brown hair that cascaded down her back. Her large brown eyes seemed to pull him in and her smile was radiant. They had met at college and he’d asked her out. He’d taken her to the cinema, but somehow, they hadn’t seen much of the film at all. Now they were sitting in a Diner, he nervously stirred his half-drunk coffee while she sucked on her straw. He was just plucking up the courage to continue when the waitress came over.

“Do you want a top up Love?” She asked brandishing a pot of stale smelling coffee.

“No thanks” Mel replied and waited for her to walk away.

“As I was saying, I know we haven’t known each other for long, but I really like you.” Mel blurted out.

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Multiple Word Prompt Story – The African King

The African King

“Will you come away from that computer and eat your dinner, it’s going cold.” Molly shouted upstairs to her teenage daughter.

“I’ll be down In a minute. I’m talking to someone on Social Media. They’re a really important person. A King of somewhere, apparently.” Laura shouted back at her Mother.

It took a little while for the statement to sink in. Did she just say she was talking to a King? On Social Media? It’s bound to be some hoax. I mean it would be too great a fluke to really be talking to an actual King. It must be some kind of trick to get hold of her bank account. They’ll be in for a shock, with the college fees so high, her daughter was so badly In debt there was no money to take. Maybe they’d have pity on her and pay some money in instead.

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Multiple word prompt story – The Second Honeymoon, a Monologue


The Second Honeymoon

It’s our third wedding anniversary, a real milestone for us and we’ve decided to have a proper honeymoon. The first one had been a bit of a nightmare.

We couldn’t afford an expensive honeymoon, the wedding itself has set us back a fortune and we still owed the wedding photographer who withheld the photos until we had paid in full.

So, we ended up borrowing a friend’s caravan in North Wales. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like staying in a nice Caravan, a lot of my favourite holidays growing up were in caravans, and I’ve got nothing against North Wales, the scenery is beautiful. However, the weather was atrocious. It never stopped chucking it down with rain and the Caravan leaked. Our marriage nearly ended then and there, but as we still hadn’t properly paid for it we thought we’d try to put the arguments and petty fights behind us. Bruises heal and the insults will be forgotten. We did end up having to go to Llandudno general hospital after I dislocated my Husband’s jaw for calling me a sanctimonious bitch, but he forgave me.

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Three Things Challenge, 26 June 2018 – Pie, Mash and Liquor – a Short Story

The Haunted Wordsmith has done a special British Slang Three Things Challenge!

Today’s things are: nicked, nutter, nosh (stolen, crazy person, food)

I couldn’t resist rising to the challenge. Here is my story.

“That bloke’s a nutter!” someone called out just as I was walking past. So what If I was wearing a pair of Knickers on my head. It’s a free country. What are they gonna do? Call the Coppers and have me nicked? I paid them no mind and carried on walking to the Pie and Mash shop.

Pie, Mash, liquor and Jellied eels were what the doctor ordered. The best nosh you could get for a tenner and no mistake. The Plaistow Pie and Mash shop was one of those traditional spit and sawdust places but they liked to encourage a bit of British eccentricity now and then. On Tuesday’s they gave a half price discount for the person with the silliest outfit. 

I walked in and realised that I wasn’t the only one who’d decided to put a pair of knickers on their head. No one else was wearing fish nets and four-inch high heels though. 

I sauntered up to the counter and gave Angie my best grin. Behind her, I could see her husband Mike staring at me from the Kitchen, through the serving hatch 

He called out “Ok Dave, you win. You can have the Pie and Mash on the house, only next time, for Gawd sake, please wear some underpants.”

The End

Please leave a comment if you’d like me to translate any of the slang used in this story. 🙂


Multiple Word Prompt – Short Story – An Honourable Uncle.

Word of the Day Prompt: Vehemently

Sheryl’s Word Prompt: Honourable

Ragtag Prompt: Precedent

Three Things Challenge: stamp collector, tile, popsicle

An Honourable Uncle

Her great-uncle had died. She’d had a letter from his Solicitors, ‘Markham, Warley and Stoat’ telling her that he had left her something in his will.

She was quite surprised because she hadn’t been particularly close to Uncle Henry. He was a rather eccentric gentleman who didn’t like children. Growing up she had rarely seen him and he never sent birthday cards. He’d told his Mother that although fond of her, he didn’t send cards because he didn’t want to create a precedent.

He used to cloister himself away in his study with his stamps. He was a rather avid stamp collector.

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Callously Ended – An unkind poem.

This is an unkind poem inspired by the prompt words:

Word of the Day: Dalliance

Three things Challenge: Puffer Fish, Soul, Staring

This is not a reflection of my character and I hope no one ever says anything this unkind to you. 


So you thought this was love?

Good heavens above!

But I never said it was so.

It was just a dalliance

a one-off alliance

now it’s time for you to go.

OK, so I’m cold

and callous, unfeeling

Maybe I just have no Soul

I never promised you more,

you’re being a bore,

I never wanted that role. 

You got it all wrong, 

You need to be strong

You really need to let go.

Stop staring at me

now you’ve paid your fee

make like a puffer fish and blow. 


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 21/June/2018





The Quirky Mother’s Tale – A sequel

Word Prompt: Anticipation


Yesterday I wrote a light-hearted story called ‘An Unconventional Upbringing’. It was the story of a young child brought up in a strange atmosphere of camaraderie but without convention.

See here to read it:

Well the Britchy One wanted some more. You know you can’t say no to the Britchy one, right?

So, I thought I would write the story of the quirky mum. Where there’s light, there’s dark, so prepare yourself for the dark. Without further anticipation, here is the tale.

FOWC with Fandango — Almost



Sandal, Sea Horse, Polar Ice Caps.


The Quirky Mother’s Tale 

I’ve been called many things in my time. A slut, a harlot, a drunk and the most painful of all, an unfit mother. Well let me tell you how it feels to be me, shall I?

I was born into a strict household. My mother gave birth to me but never really loved me. She was just having me because she was carrying out her wifely duties and her husband, my father, took his rights very seriously. Every night. I don’t remember my Father very clearly but he never laughed or smiled. Neither did my Mother. It was a cold, uncaring atmosphere to grow up in. When my Father died, my Mother had very little money but she married a cousin just to keep a roof over our heads. Now I remember my Stepfather all too clearly. I only wish I could forget. My favourite drink of bourbon can only blot him out briefly. I was only fourteen when it started. My Mother was no longer so keen to perform her wifely duties and she was looking rather haggard after all the years of physical abuse my Father had put her through. So, my Stepfather started to sneak into my room at night. At first, he was gentle and he just touched me. He would make me touch him too. No, please excuse me, I won’t go into any of the gruesome details. It isn’t fit for decent ears.

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Multiple word prompt story – An Unconventional Upbringing

June 19 Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Child of Summer


mouse, sheet music, comedy



I was born into a rather unconventional household. My mother was a particularly quirky lady. Growing up she used to call me her ‘Child of Summer’ which was always a puzzle to me because we lived in the northern hemisphere and I was born in April. April is very much spring, not summer. 

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The Ultimate Hoax – A short tale



Tooth Fairy

Birthday Cake



The Ultimate Hoax

Jimmy Parker loved to play jokes on people. He was widely renown for his pranks.

Even growing up he was always the same.

When his little sister had lost one of her baby teeth he couldn’t resist a practical joke.

Their Mum had said “Put your tooth under your pillow tonight and if you’re good the tooth fairy will come and leave you some money for it”.

Well Jimmy waited until after he heard his Mum sneak into his sister’s room and then go back to bed then he quietly crept into Josie’s room too.

Sneaking his hand under the pillow he removed the coins that his Mum had left her and replaced it with a note he had written.

It said. “I am the Fairy Pirate and I have captured your Tooth Fairy and am holding her for ransom. If you ever want to see her alive again,  you must leave the key to your money-box under your pillow or else she’ll die.”

The next morning, his sister’s cries could be heard three blocks away.

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Three Things Challenge, 14 June 2018

This is a Three Things Challenge as set by the haunted wordsmith, see link below:

Here are the three words for 14 June 2018: history, witch, Pacific Ocean

This story also includes the Word Prompt: Nefarious


I was born in Salem. Not the Salem in Massachusetts, renowned in history for it ancient witch trial. The one in Oregon, near the Pacific Ocean. 

It was founded by settlers keen to leave behind those old stories of Witches and witchcraft and other nefarious things.

What they didn’t know was that it was coming with them. 

Travelling with the settlers was my great-grandmother, Hecuba Carey. She had been young at the time. A woman with long red hair that she refused to keep tied up and under a bonnet. She had also been schooled well in the ways of witchery by her own mother and send forth with the settlers to spread our own ways. Hecuba had been one of the most powerful witches and those poor settlers had never known. 

I never knew her, of course, she died long before I was born. My granny told me about her though. How she used to be able to capture any mans heart she wished and led them a merry chase until she tired of them. How she could punish those who she envied or who looked down their noses at her. Made them suffer, with dysentery or scarlet fever. All her tricks she passed on to me. I was told I look a lot like her, you know? I wish photographs existed back then, because I would love to see what she looked like. 

Now I have my own little daughter to teach tricks too. Her father didn’t stick around too long, but I was glad of that. He was a useless lump anyway, he was only good for one thing and the final result of that is now lying in my lap looking up at me with those bright green eyes. She’ll be my revenge on the world. My precious little Medea. What larks we’ll play on this innocent world. Yes, we will. 


The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 14/June/2018