Tell the Story 2 – Track Buddies.

tracks and sky pixabay

photo credit Pixabay

JP the Wide-Eyed Wanderer has nominated me to take part in this Picture Challenge. See the post below:


Life was not always easy. Sometimes it was damn hard. In fact, every damn day.

She used to go and sit down on the train tracks. Just sit there and watch the rails disappear off into the distance. It made here think, about life, about where she wanted to go.

That’s where she met Boss. Boss was a street dog who used to limp up to her. At first, he used to growl and then whimper, wanting to come up and say hello, but also strangely scared. Then she noticed that his paw was swollen. He had a piece of something, a shard of metal, stuck in his toes. After she’d managed to get it out, they became firm friends. He’d come and sit next to her on the train tracks. He’d gaze off into the distance too. Just like her. They were two of a kind.

It was Boss who managed to hear the train in time and dragged her off the tracks.

After that, they became inseparable.


So now it’s my turn to pass the challenge on.

Here is the picture:



So My Three Nominees are:


Have fun. πŸ™‚