A Haiku for today’s problems

This was written in response to the Go Dog Go Cafe’s Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Challenge: Today’s prompt: What is the biggest problem facing the country right now? If you could only change one thing, what would it be? Consider if this problem can even truly be “changed”, or if it is something steeped in our culture.

Here is my response:

Respect each other,

Regardless of difference,

If we don’t, We Die.


It’s a simple message but unfortunately, we are living in an increasingly polarised world where when people disagree with someone they are more likely to start calling them names rather than agree to differ, engage in mature debate, or just walk away.

Haunted Dreams – A very short poem in response to multiple prompts.

This poem was written in response to the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge from the Go Dog Go Cafe:

Tuesday Writing Prompt October 23, 2018

and also the word prompts:





I hear night’s whispers softly in my ear

Raising the spectre of haunted dreams

I raise the flag, surrendering to fear.

Nothing is ever quite what it seems.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 23/10/2018

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge – I couldn’t survive without my Tea.

The Go Dog Go has posted their Tuesday writing prompt challenge, see below:

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, September 18

It is to write a poem about something you couldn’t survive without.

So here is mine:



I can survive pretty well without my phone

It doesn’t bother me to be all alone.

I can survive without watching T.V

but I can’t survive without my cup of tea,

for where there’s tea, there’s hope

As long as I’ve got tea, I can cope.

It helps me think and keeps me calm,

for me, there is no better balm.

So before I start to scream incessantly,

Please fetch me a nice hot cup of tea.

Oh, and I wouldn’t say no, for heaven’s sake,

to a nice big slice of delicious cake.




An Acrostic Poem – Atychiphobia

Fear grips around my foolish heart

And makes my fleeting breath depart

I can’t describe the anguish felt

Left at sea without a safety belt.

Utter dread, it paralyses

Rendering any enterprises

Effectively a failure, a self-fulfilling prophecy.


This was written in response to the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday writing prompt challenge.

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, September 4