Do you Recall? – A recap of some of my posts.

Back in April, I did a recap post collecting some of my poems and short stories into one place. After all, it doesn’t do to hide your light under a bushel, so the saying goes, so as there has been quite a lot of movement in time, I thought I would share with you some of the posts I’ve written in the last couple of months.

Since the beginning of May, I have been working full time and tying myself in a knot trying to find enough time to continue my writing and blogging. I hope you have not noticed too much of a decline on my blog.





Haven’t I been busy? I think I’ve earned a vacation 😉

Were there any poems or short stories that you particularly liked? Let me know in the comments. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend.


FOWC with Fandango — Movement




Well I’m Off Now

It will be a trial for me to leave WordPress and my blogging pals for just over a week.

I looked up the weather where I am going, in Bergen, Norway and it is a chilly Ten Degrees Centigrade! which is quite a bit colder than where I am in the UK right now, but I am still looking forward to the fresh air and wonderful scenery.

Aufwedersehn, Au Revoir and as they apparently say in Norway “ha det bra, ser deg snart”

Goodbye and See you Soon.




ANNOUNCEMENT – I am taking a break.

Hi Everyone,

From tomorrow I will be taking a break from blogging because I will be away from my computer and I do not have (OR WANT) a mobile phone that can access the internet.

I will be scheduling a few posts including a few flashbacks to older posts that I wrote some time ago that you may have missed.

I won’t be able to take part in any challenges or competitions and you won’t be seeing any likes from me, but I will try to catch up on my reading when I get back.

I expect that this announcement may mean that several of my followers will think, “Well, that’s the point in staying around then” but so be it.

I will be back Saturday Week and I should have lots of lovely photos of Norwegian Fjords and Trolls and other Scandinavian themes pictures to show you.

All the best, Missing you already. 🙂

mountain and lake at sunset
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