Multiple Word Prompt – Short Story – An Honourable Uncle.

Word of the Day Prompt: Vehemently

Sheryl’s Word Prompt: Honourable

Ragtag Prompt: Precedent

Three Things Challenge: stamp collector, tile, popsicle

An Honourable Uncle

Her great-uncle had died. She’d had a letter from his Solicitors, ‘Markham, Warley and Stoat’ telling her that he had left her something in his will.

She was quite surprised because she hadn’t been particularly close to Uncle Henry. He was a rather eccentric gentleman who didn’t like children. Growing up she had rarely seen him and he never sent birthday cards. He’d told his Mother that although fond of her, he didn’t send cards because he didn’t want to create a precedent.

He used to cloister himself away in his study with his stamps. He was a rather avid stamp collector.

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