50 Word Thursday #41 – Memories of Venice


And the words:

“How could I forget?” Mrs Judkin’s said.   – Otherwise Engaged – Amanda Quick


They stood together on the bridge in Venice watching the traffic of boats and gondola navigate the grand canal.

It had been many years since their divorce and here they were face to face again. Venice held happy memories of times together on their honeymoon.

He looked at her, just as he had when they were young, a longing in his clear blue eyes. Gone was his brown hair, the man was no longer the slim guy she had once loved. She too had changed. She still had blonde hair, but that came out of a bottle now. She wasn’t quite as lithe and laughter lines and crow’s feet bedecked her face.

They laughed about old times.

“Did you marry again, after?” he asked nervously.

“Yes, I’m Mrs Judkins now” she replied.

“Oh, is your husband with you?” he responded, cautiously.

“No, he died two years ago.”

“You know, I never stopped loving you?” he said boldly.

“Really?” she said, moving closer.

“I can’t justify what I did, the affair I mean. You remember what happened?”

She smiled, in a winsome manner, then pushed him over the stone railing into the canal below.

“How could I forget?” Mrs Judkins said.

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Picture of the Day – St Marks Square, Venice

This is a picture that was taken about ten years ago on a fantastic trip to Venice.

I absolutely loved Venice, it was like wandering around a Theme Park just made for me, full of interesting historical buildings. I would rather spend time somewhere like this than go to Disneyland.

On this particular trip, in November, the weather was very kind to us. It was sunny and bright and although only 17 or 18 degrees centigrade, that was a lot warmer than back in the UK.

St Marks Square is one of those magical places. I remember from a young age seeing pictures of Venice and feeling very familiar with it, like I had been there before, which I hadn’t. I thought that when I finally visited it, I would find that this strange feeling would be dispelled, but instead I felt even more strongly that I had been there. The place felt so familiar and I had no problem navigating the rabbit warren of streets and walkways.

I hope you like this picture.