The Strange Inheritance Part Two – A multiple word prompt story.

This is a continuation of a previous story I wrote, See here:

The Strange Inheritance – Part Two

Even though the house was falling apart and the smell of damp permeated throughout, Jennifer had to admit it must have been a really grand house at one time.

Downstairs there was a large dining room with green peeling wallpaper, A living room painted cream, a billiard room, painted bright red and a Library lined wall to wall with books.

She was impressed, she had no idea that her family must have been very grand at one time. She, along with her brother, had grown up in an orphanage and so she didn’t really know much about the family history. Her brother was a few years older and he knew a bit more, but not much. What he did know he didn’t like to talk about. He had always been surly and volatile but he had looked after her, wouldn’t let her out of his sight. In some ways, it had held her back.  A few times at the orphanage a couple had come and wanted to adopt her, but her brother always insisted that she wasn’t going anywhere without him. They’d take one look at this dark, broody lad with those dark staring eyes and would decide to take one of the others instead. Still, he was the only family she really knew. She had known about Aunt Elizabeth but at the funeral and the reading of the will was the first time that she’d met her, or at least remembered meeting her. James said that she’d briefly taken them in when their parents died. He’d been six and so still remembered, but she had been only three. Aunt Elizabeth was a strange one. She was tall and thin and gave the impression of being a dithery old lady, she was in her late seventies, but her eyes were sharp and darted around taking everything in. She also often had the strangest smile on her face. Frankly, she gave her the creeps.

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