Warning: This story isn’t nice – Hush Thy Screams.


I wrote this story in response to the Manic Monday 3 way challenge that Laura M Bailey hosts. See link below:


Hush Thy Screams

She’d just been lying there in her garden, sunbathing, minding her own business, when it happened.

A rough callused hand covered her mouth, a big heavy body pulled her up against it and a voice whispered in her ear “Hush“.

A panic rose up inside her. It was her new neighbour‘s voice. While one hand pressed hard on her mouth, restricting her breathing, his other roamed her body and removed her swimsuit. She felt his hot breath on her neck and hot flesh against her back.

She brought her carefully trained mind under control and twisted her lithe body out of his grasp grabbing the nail file on the table and forcing it into her attackers left eye.

The air erupted in screams, but not hers, his, as he writhed on the floor with blood pouring from his ruined eye-socket.

Hush,” She said to him and kicked him in the groin, her foot making contact with his testicles beneath his hardened manhood.

Her training as a spy held her in good stead but she was sick of having to teach men the hard way that it was ok to look, but not to touch.

It was clear she was going to have to move again.


FOWC with Fandango — Neighbor


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 20/August/2018