A Rather Peculiar Tapestry – A Multiple Word Prompt Poem

blue black and gold woven textile
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Usually, I like a tapestry,
Its rhythmic warp and weft.
It’s something that I love to see,
The few pleasures I have left.

I like to see a rural scene,
All natural and bucolic,
With ducks and geese and trees of green,
Or spring lambs in fields a-frolic.

But I have to say, I’m not quite sure
I like the subject that you’ve chosen,
Oh, I admit you can’t ignore,
the sight of corpses, bare and frozen.

But it’s rather a peculiar thing,
To represent war’s anniversary
To depict the blood and suffering,
Then display it in the nursery.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 28/April/2019




FOWC with Fandango — Bucolic


I wrote this back in April, but today’s Word of the Day is Bucolic, so it fits.






Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too!! – My addition to the Crazy Bucket List.

So, that Marvel of the Blogosphere and thoroughly cheeky chappy, Rory, A Guy Called Bloke, has tagged me in one of these fantastic collaborative poems. This one is about a Bucket list of desired experiences.

See his post here:

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too!!

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too!!

So, so much to do, and with so little time,
I want to do everything, nothing to be missed,
But how do I plan it all, how do I define,
The perfectly crazy bucket list?


First up is a lush tropical jungle,
Jaguars and waterfalls… all quite insane;
I do hope my parachute isn’t all bungled,
When I jump from the doorway of this airplane!

Perfectly Crazy Bucket List!

I want to take a rocket into space,
Or maybe a submarine ride deep in the sea.
I sure hope they will save me a place,
Because that’s where I really want to be!

Rory’s Perfectly Crazy Bucket List!

A trip to the mountains is what l’d choose,
I’ll make sure to wear climbing shoes,
Rocks are high and edges slippery,
Wouldn’t want to fall off the periphery,


I’d like to see the world, visit the sands of Abu Dhabi
take a cruise down the Golden Gate Bridge in my Maserati
head to New England and catch a game at old Fenway Park,
then board a ship to Costa Rica where I can swim with a shark.

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too! (collaboration poetry)

I’d travel to the desert in Egypt
And photograph the pyramids
Then board the Cairo railway,
To the Chocolateria in Madrid.

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two Too!! – Bucket List

Swimming with dolphins in the ocean deep
A worldwide cruise, though it won’t be cheap
I want to write a novel, and hope it’s a best seller
To see my book upon a shelf, wouldn’t that be stellar?


I’d love to ride a zip wire high up in the trees
And to do so fearlessly as often as I please.
A Starfighter pilot I’d dearly love to be
I smash the evil aliens and set the good world’s free.

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two, Too! – Bucket List

For the longest time, I have dreamt of Tuscany
Not merely to visit, but to eat, live, and dine
Vacation in ’16 felt like my destiny
I’m ever so convinced, I will fit in just fine

Not Just My Verse, Yours Too

Gallowayshire, the ancestral home,
the trip of my dreams with enough £s to roam;
to meet with some long-losts in Wigtown for tea
to stroll through the heather; gaze out o’er the sea.

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two, Too – The Bucket List – #poetrychallenge

To see the Northern Lights is my one true desire
I could look at them forever, and never really tire
Color painting the skies, brightens earth and sea
The Aurora Borealis, now that’s the scene for me

Not Just My Verse, Your Two Two, Too – The Bucket List – #poetrychallenge

My feet walking along the shoreline of a pristine island
with crystal clear water, pink sand, and beautiful palms.
Doesn’t much matter which one as long as the weather is grand.
Shades on, lotion lathered, now let’s work on releasing qualms.

And here is my addition….

I want to dance the Time Warp on the fancy New York stage,
And when feeling lacklustre, have a cup of tea with the Queen.
I want to represent for everyone the epitome of a bygone age,
And be the best dressed celebrity, the world has ever seen!


So who to pass this on to? How about the lovely Sadje of Keep it Alive?

Trite performance


I have also included the following prompts for the day.