Flam, Sognefjord and more waterfalls.

I recently went exploring the wonders of Norway, well not all of them, just a taster.

I wanted to share some of my photos with you.


This is Vossvangen lake. The Town of Voss is situated on this lake and is an excellent base for the area. If you are interested in Sport, this area is famous for is Skiing in the Winter and its fishing in the summer.


This photo was taken from the Flam railway which provides fantastic views on its trip from Flam on the Sognefjord up to the town of Myrdal. On the left of the picture is a famous Zigzag road which provides quite a harrowing journey for tourists, but thankfully they close the road from the 1st of October, so we went back to Flam a different way. 🙂


There had been so much rain in the previous weeks that this waterfall had become much large than usual and the stream had burst its banks. I didn’t linger too long.


The turf-roofed houses here are part of the Gudvangen Viking village. Well worth a visit, apparently.

This was actually the only day we had where it rained all day. It made the waterfalls extra impressive though.