Mission: Contact – A short sci-fi story.


I don’t usually do a lot of Picture prompts, except for Deb Whittam’s Thursday ones, which I have become addicted to: See Link Below:


But I thought I would have a go of The Haunted Wordsmiths Picture Challenge:


I am already a fan of her Three Things Challenges.

I must also plug the fact that I am in a Collaboration with three others on the Word of the Day blog which provides a word prompt every day:


So without more ado, here is my attempt of this picture challenge.

Mission: Contact

As my plane flew over my home city, it was covered in an eerie fog which made flying tricky. 

I hadn’t long got my pilot’s license and although I did do a few flights in bad weather, I wasn’t that experienced. 

The city looked beautiful from up here. The building all lit up and the fog providing an extra sense of mystery and interest that made the scene quite enchanting.

Just then, my instruments started going haywire. I was making a straight course for the airfield but my instruments were all over the place, saying I was upside down, veering too far left, heading the wrong way. I tried to signal to ground control to inform them of my difficulties, but the line was dead. 

I took a deep breath and kept my hands steady and my eyes straight ahead. 

My lights went out and the screen went black. 

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