50 Word Thursday – The Lonely Spot


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“What had happened to him at that moment was what happens to people when they are unexpectedly caught in something very shameful.” – Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. 


It was a lonely spot, behind the monastery walls, no one ever came there, or so he thought and he wasn’t alone. He’d brought his lover with him. Theirs was a love that had to be kept secret as not many people would have understood or tolerated.

As they held each other closely and he gave a kiss as if this was his last meal they were caught by surprise as one of the senior monks pulled back the bushes that had hid them both.

What had happened to him at that moment was what happens to people when they are unexpectedly caught in something very shameful. He blushed bright red all over his bare upper torso.

His partner, too, blushed as his own novice robes fell to the ground.

The Senior Monk just smiled and walked away in a nimble fashion, remembering his own experiences as a young man in love. He admired the tenacity of youth, the way they spun their web of lies just for a moment of affection. He would keep their little secret, they were welcome to the spot. Funny how they had chosen the same spot that he’d enjoyed all those many years ago.

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FOWC with Fandango — Tenacity




50 Word Thursdays # 20 – The Hidden Vault

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I always want to frighten them more.



The Castle on the shores of Lake Geneva looked like such a peaceful place. It was a welcome sight to visitors to the area. That was their first impression. It was never their last.

The Countess was a lady who appeared both beautiful and charming, though age had diminished some of her outward glamour. Her once cascading blonde locks were now heavily tinged with white and fine lines like a spider’s web surrounded those still intensely blue eyes.

I remember the day I arrived at her court. She was surrounded by servants, old and bent, in brown raggedy clothes. This only made the sumptuousness of her silk gown stand out more starkly.

I remember too how she coaxed me to follow her down to the deep vault beneath the castle.

Too late did I see the splash of fresh blood on the walls. The device designed to remove a thumb from a helpless victim.

I remember turning to her and seeing her laugh and say I always want to frighten them more.”

Who she was referring to, I never really understood.

She continued to speak, as her black-clad servants strapped me down to a stone table,

“I hope you have more fortitude than my last guest. He only lasted one night.”

I asked her, the terror in my voice as clear as a scream “How can you do these wicked things?”

She replied, “Life has been an excellent teacher.”

Then it had begun and now I am forever bound here.


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FOWC with Fandango — Welcome



Multiple Word Prompt Story – A Welcome Home?

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WORD OF THE DAY: Sussurous



Today’s things are: disco, boy, June bug

A Welcome Home?

Coming home always filled him with that mix of emotions. It was at the same time a comfortable feeling and one that made him feel anxious and on edge. He was ever full of contradictions. It was the contrasts that made life more than just two-dimensional. He always wondered what his welcome was going to be like. He had not always seen eye to eye with his folks. Particularly as he became aware that he wasn’t quite the same as his brothers. Life had become so abominable for him. Feeling like a fish out of water or a bird in the sea. He was a boy that had struggled with his own feelings and desires. It was only when he’d gone to university he’d learned there were fish that dwelt on land and birds that were happiest in the water and more importantly boys that felt the same as he did. He wasn’t alone.

At university he had lived life to the full. Immersed himself in that life of parties and fun. He loved the disco, the night life and being amongst his own kind.

Coming home had been a wrench. A return to the past. That was why he felt such mixed feelings, the comfort that usually came with coming home was tinged with that awkwardness. Would he still be welcome?

It was evening as he stepped down off the bus and walked up the path to the house. He heard the engine of the bus, that steady rhythm as it pulled away. Then the whispering of the evening breeze as it blew through the cornfields. A gentle susurrus sound, steady and constant. Then a June Bug flew into his face and he waved his hands to get rid of it.

He walked up to the front porch. A figure in faded blue jeans and t-shirt dragging a large backpack through the dust.

He extended his hand, took a deep breath, and knocked.

The door opened and he saw his Mother peering out into the night. She was just the same, her brown hair pulled back into a neat bun, her blue eyes peering out from her batwing glasses. Her clothes, neat and clean if a bit worn. As her eyes adjusted and she saw who it was, her face lit up.

“David! It’s David everyone, he’s come home!” she exclaimed to the house.

She put her arm around him and pulled him into the light. He cried tears of relief. He was so afraid they’d shun him after they’d discovered what he was. The way his Mother hugged him close, the way he saw his brothers come out from the kitchen and smiled at him, the way his father stood up from his easy chair and pulled the pipe out of his mouth and grinned, told him he had been wrong. His family loved him after all.

The End


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 19/July/2018