One of Life’s Escapades – A short story.

This story was written in response to the following word prompts:


The Escapade was a life-changing experience.

“What could go wrong?” She thought to herself. “It’s only a weekend away with an old school friend.”

They’d lost touch after graduation but had recently bumped into each other again in the local supermarket. Both had been married and were now divorced, both had been rather badly treated by their previous partners. She had been used as a punchbag more times than she’d cared to remember until she’d finally plucked up the courage and got a court restraining order issued. Her old school friend had also been pushed around a lot by his wife, or so he said. It was nice bumping into him after all those years and they talked over coffee about old times.

She had reason to feel a bit guilty where he was concerned. She had been supposed to go to the High School prom with him but had instead gone with someone else. He’d taken it badly at the time. She remembered him shouting at her in the quadrangle in front of her classmates. Thankfully he seemed to have forgiven her.

He invited her to join him on his yacht for the weekend. It wasn’t a big boat, apparently, but it had two separate cabins, he reassured her. She thought, “What the Hell, I’ve always wanted to stay on a yacht and the closest thing to it was the cross-channel ferry.”

So, it was all arranged. He’d come and pick her up on Friday evening after work and it would give them the opportunity to rekindle their old friendship.

She discovered that the word friend and the word fiend were not far apart. They were only separated by an R and he dropped that as soon as they were in deep water.

The police boat had only come by just in time.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 25/October/2018